UK Food Information Regulation (FIR): the FIR Toolbox

The Institute offers materials to help UK hospitality managers get to grips with the Food Information Regulation (FIR) (effective 13 Dec 2014). The FIR Toolbox explains how managers should comply with their new FIR obligations including the identification and communication of 14 food allergens to customers and staff. 

The following are some examples of hospitality businesses affected by the FIR: plateoffood

  • Restaurants and takeaways
  • Cafes, tea rooms and coffee shops
  • Hotels, inns and B&Bs
  • Pubs, bars and clubs serving food
  • Street food and pop-up restaurant establishments
  • Caterers at functions, weddings and workplace or institutional canteens

Use the materials below to learn more about the Regulation and methods for compliance including the stepped 1-2-3 Approach:

  • FIR Toolbox and Appendices - an overview of the regulation from industry experts including 1-2-3 Approach templates for use by foodservice and hospitality businesses (members only access)

*Note: "Chestnuts and pine nuts [a seed] are known to cause allergy in some people, but are not required to be listed under these rules.” See the Food Standards Agency’s Technical Guidance, August 2014.

FIR articles (open access)

Further FIR Guidance (open access)

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