Simple but savvy steps to navigate complex categories and reach the right range

>>Simple but savvy steps to navigate complex categories and reach the right range

Our friends at On-Trade Consultancy (OTC) have launched their inaugural white-paper in a new series, titled ‘Simple But Savvy Steps To Navigate Complex Categories And Reach The Right Range’ which they’ve made available for our Members to download.

Jo Halstead, Category and Brand Development Strategist at OTC, tells us a little more about what to expect from the paper.

“OTC has fantastic trade insights and an on-line Resource Portal. It houses a wide range of action-orientated content provided by our strategic partners. Joining the OTC team in March I was keen to contribute to the Resource Portal with something we could brand our own.

“Coming from a category background I firmly believe that the range an outlet offers – be it food or drink – is a massive factor in influencing outlet choice, satisfaction, spend and repeat purchase. Now, more than ever, these are all important as we go into post lock-down recovery this summer. However, with consumer trends and needs evolving, the proliferation of drinks categories and brands is high. There is a vast amount of NPD hitting the market and if I was wholesaler, bar manager, drinks supplier, or indeed a consumer, I would be feeling a bit overwhelmed by choice.

“As a rule, we tend to buy what we see… which is frustrating.  This usually means using backward looking data to determine what is on offer. The risk when using this strategy is that growth of the more exciting, higher value drinks and brands can be inhibited resulting in restricted category growth.

“I was keen to take my learnings from working across channels and drinks categories, to map out a principle-led framework that brings models like “good, better, best” into 2021. Thus providing a roadmap to continued, accelerated value injection cycle through smart ranging (and ultimately activation) decisions.

“The white-paper contains three chapters of principles, including the fantastic portfolio of disruptor drinks brand that OTC currently supports through sales and marketing and whilst keeping a keen eye on innovative brands coming onto the market.”