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  • Certificate in Hotel Operations (Senior Secondary Applied Learning) - (ApL Hotel Operations)

Endorsement period

Aug 2019 to Aug 2021

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This Applied Learning Course offered by the Hotel and Tourism Institute has been endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality since March 2016.

Applied Learning (ApL) courses are elective subjects in the senior secondary curriculum in Hong Kong, China. ApL offers studies with equal emphasis on practice and lectures linked to broad professional and vocational fields. A flexible combination of ApL with core subjects, elective subjects and other learning experiences helps students to learn holistically. ApL aims to enable students to understand fundamental knowledge and concepts, develop their beginners’ skill set, job-related competencies and common skills.

“We are delighted that our ApL course in Hotel Operations has been endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality. This recognition proves that our course meets international standards. Our students benefit from studying this well-organised and structured course which assists them in learning and exploring the hospitality industry. They can apply to be student members of the Institute of Hospitality where the knowledge library gives them access to a collection of hospitality publications to help with their studies. Student members can also participate in events and activities organised by the Institute’s Hong Kong Branch, a platform which enables students to network with their peers and potential employers within the region to everyone’s mutual benefit.”

Peter Poon
Chief Instructor
Hotel and Tourism Institute


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