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The Institute of Hospitality provides hospitality career and job seeking resources to its members through an extensive collection of resources. In addition, the Institute works closely with other industry organisations and government bodies to promote hospitality as the career of choice and to assist both members and non-members in locating educational and employment information to support their entrance into the field of hospitality.

Institute Resources

The Institute regularly publishes information regarding hospitality careers in:

Watch | Stand Up and Stand Out – Take a look at our 30 minute video on how to stand out when applying for jobs or working towards a promotion.

Use our overview of the Constructing an Extended CV to put together a comprehensive CV that incorporates your professional and personal experience.

We offer members free access to a large selection of hospitality, leisure, tourism, business and career planning ebooks in the eResources Collection.

Members with questions about where to find the best resources for conducting a hospitality job search should contact the our Knowledge team at: