Making the right EPoS selection

>>Making the right EPoS selection

Making the right EPoS selection


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This guide is intended to offer hospitality providers an overview of the Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS). EPoS technology and software not only helps those trading to run their business through faster, simpler transactions, it also enables better service levels – helping to increase profitability. Additionally, secure cloud hosting supports security and GDPR compliance. In today’s competitive trading environment, EPoS has fast become an essential business aid. From those who run a single point of sale hospitality business, to more complex multi-site national operations, it’s now a crucial investment for both individuals and companies.

The guide was produced with Lolly, a Business Partner of the Institute of Hospitality.

Lolly is a Point of Sale (PoS) and payments specialist serving small and medium businesses across the UK in the hospitality industry; from coffee shops, pubs and night clubs, to mobile catering, pop ups and corporate caterers.

The company offers a complete point of sale package where customers can use its EPoS software on tills and PoS tablets. Lolly then networks these to card payment machines, to speed up service and provides a cloud-based back office, supplying real-time business analytics.

Lolly provides enterprise level EPoS to hospitality and retail SMEs at an affordable price. Today, it is the only UK business of its kind that can truly scale from a downloadable product to a fully connected real-time network of tills, – all powered by an enterprise-level inventory reporting management system.

Businesses simply upgrade as they grow, removing the need for costly installs as their needs become more complex.

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