Acrylamide in Food Guidance for Caterers

>>Acrylamide in Food Guidance for Caterers

Acrylamide in Food Guidance for Caterers


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Food businesses will be required to put in place specific measures to minimise acrylamide levels in certain
foods under new EU legislation that came into force on 11 April 2018.

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What is acrylamide and why is it a problem?

Consumption of acrylamide in food increases the risk
of developing cancer.
Acrylamide is formed from naturally-occurring asparagine
and sugars in certain foods cooked to higher than 120ºC
in low moisture conditions. It forms mainly in baked or fried
carbohydrate-rich foods such as cereals and potatoes.
More acrylamide is produced in carbohydrate rich foods
that are:
• dry
• sugary
• cooked at high temperatures

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