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Welcome to the Mentor Me Resources page

Here you will find detailed guidance on the suggested (monthly) topics

  • Simply click the hyper-link buttons in the relevant month for more detailed references, links, videos, journals and instructions.
  • Use these sections as a concise review of the reading materials and videos used to support mentor and mentee learning. The materials are for use in preparation for each meeting, followed by a discussion of the materials at the outset of the session. These topics can act as “ice breakers” at each session and also provide some structured learning during the mentoring.
  • Materials are marked as suggested for Mentor and Mentee, or both but feel free to read them all if you wish to understand the topics more fully.

Preparation and Preliminary Reading

  1. If you have not already done so, please check out the guidelines for mentors and mentees.
  2. Note: before the first meeting in month one you should undertake the preliminary reading and viewing to prepare for participation.
     Click here for suggested preliminary reading & viewing 

    Remember, you must be logged in to the Institute’s Website to access the library resources!

  3. To start the programme Mentees, please prepare your career goals and contact your mentor to initiate your first meeting.

After discussing a monthly topic talk through your progression towards your goals, discuss the industry and your continuing professional development (CPD) generally. Each month the mentees goals should be reviewed.

Month Suggested Topic
One Setting SMART goals for career development

To start off you will get to know each other and we’ll look at setting some SMART goals.

The objective is to have an achievable plan for your career and to get there you need to set goals.

They need to be: Specific, well defined, clear, and unambiguous. Measurable with specific criteria that measures your progress. Achievable, attainable and not impossible to achieve. Realistic, within reach, and relevant to the purpose and Timely, with a clearly defined timeline, including a starting and target dates.

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Two Emotional Intelligence During month two, you will learn and discuss emotional intelligence (sometimes referred to as EI or EQ) EI is the capability of individuals to recognise theor own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and lebel them appropriatley. You will use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior and manage and / or adjust emotions to adapt to different environments.
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Three Networking

This month you will look at ways of expanding your Professional Network.

It’s not just social media and you’ll understand the importance of getting out and about AND following up with the contacts made.

You will gain tips and tricks for making networking less awkward too so that it come naturally.


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Four Leadership

During month four you’ll learn from some of the gurus of leadership and how good leadership is contagious.

You’ll also understand how to improve your leadership presence and be an inspiration to others.


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Five Reverse mentoring

Put into practise what you have learned with your mentor!

We’ll learn in this session how and why a large US insurance company initiate an effective reverse mentoring scheme about social media involving senior executives and junior staff.

Now, teach you mentor something new!

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Six Wrap / Catch up

In case of leave / holidays. Wrap up and where do I go from here?

Ideas, feedback and stay in touch!

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If you need any help or have any questions or issues or if any of the links are faulty, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We want you both to enjoy the mentoring process!