Company Sponsored Membership Scheme

The Institute of Hospitality welcomes applications from hospitality, tourism and leisure companies and organisations wishing to obtain membership on a group basis.

The scheme enables individuals to gain membership with the recognition and support of their employer and for the company to save on the costs of entry fees to membership.

For further information on Company Sponsored Membership contact:


"At Lexington, we recognise that membership of the Institute provides access to a wide range of benefits, promotes networking with industry contacts and helps people develop professionally to achieve their full potential, all this  totally aligns with the values that we hold at Lexington.

Our vision is that, ultimately, all our Lexington Managers will be full Members of the Institute; benefiting, networking, appreciating, developing and participating along the way. In order to realise this vision, we are delighted to take part in the ‘Company Sponsored Membership Scheme’.

We sincerely believe that becoming a member of the Institute of Hospitality enables our Managers to develop professionally, network with industry contacts and ultimately progress through the membership grades of the Institute as they progress within their careers at Lexington. The professional development of our Managers is absolutely key to our future growth and success. We also see the Company Sponsored Membership Scheme as recognition for all their hard work and dedication, a demonstration of our commitment to their ongoing career within Lexington and a ‘leg up’ to support their professional development into the years ahead!"

Emma Langford, People Manager at Lexington & Elior UK

Tim West, Chairman of Lexington & Elior UK