How much will it cost you?

The Class of 2018 Membership scheme offers great value for money.

Whether you are looking for a job or want to connect with other industry professionals, our resources provide you with an amazing range of benefits to help you get started.

Class of 2018 Membership Scheme Fees
Annual subscription Rates Benefits Standard rate
Application approval – 31st December 2019 £25* Full access £165
2019 £50* Full access £115 + Member grade fee
2020 £75* Full access £115 + Member grade fee
2021 £98* Full access £115 + Member grade fee

If you are an Education Membership Scheme student, please contact Rosalyn Berry on +44 (0)20 8861 4927 or

If you are not a registered student, click here to join 'Class of 2018' and use code CLASS18 upon registration

*Fees are valid for the Class of 2018 Membership scheme. You need to be a hospitality student graduating in 2017 (eligibility) to apply. Fees are applicable upon an assessment of your hospitality qualifications by the Membership Officer. Your Membership will automatically be renewed every year in October unless you decide to cancel your subscription. If you cancel your subscription, you will lose the benefits attached to the Class of 2018 Membership scheme. The assessment of your application is free of charge. Your first payment of £25* will be taken immediately from your account. You can pay using your credit/debit card or via PayPal. 2021 Membership rates are subject to review.