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>Meet our Brand Ambassadors
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Here’s a listing of our Brand Ambassadors. Each Brand Ambassador is passionate about raising the profile of the Institute of Hospitality. They strive to share information about the Institute and help grow our global membership. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions about the Institute.

If you would like to enquire about becoming an Ambassador, please contact Alistair Sandall FIH on +44 (0)20 8661 4925 or .

Vincent Baby MIH
Vincent Baby MIHAmbassador - India
Lee Bartup
Lee BartupAmbassador - Royal Navy
Dr Anthony Brien FIH
Dr Anthony Brien FIHOceania
Scott Espley
Scott EspleyAmbassador - RAF
Mark Hands MIH
Mark Hands MIHAmbassador - South Africa
Ifty Hassan MIH
Ifty Hassan MIH Ambassador - South Wales
John Roberts FIH
John Roberts FIHAmbassador - East Midlands
07752 176 790
David Magee FIH
David Magee FIHAmbassador - Saudi Arabia
+966 (0) 540061324
Raj Prasad MIH
Raj Prasad MIHAmbassador - Scotland (West Coast)
T 07710 270647
Neil Shorthouse FIH
Neil Shorthouse FIHAmbassador - South East Asia and the Cruise Industry
T +44 1634 566594 / +960 782 7718
May Stark MIH
May Stark MIHAmbassador - Scotland
Carmen Vlasceanu FIH
Carmen Vlasceanu FIHAmbassador - Romania
T + 4076 833 5375
Trevor Ward FIH
Trevor Ward FIHAmbassador - Africa
Capt James Wilson-White RLC
Capt James Wilson-White RLCAmbassador - Army