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Spotlight on Hospitality 2019

Our annual complimentary market report available to all members, ensuring you are the best-informed individuals in the industry. Examining both the UK and global performance within the hospitality sector, this 64-page report provides a concise summary of annual facts and figures covering foodservice, hotels, tourism and human resources. The data is accompanied by expert commentary with an eye on what we can expect in 2019.

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Institute of Hospitality Digest (IHD)

The Institute of Hospitality acts as a vital bridge between academia and industry.

Following the successful publication of our inaugural 2017 Institute of Hospitality Digest (IHD), we are now pleased to be able to publish our 2019 (2nd Edition) annual Digest, showcasing students research projects, from our partner Education Membership Scheme colleges and universities.

The aim of the Institute of Hospitality Digest is to collect the very best academic research and share it with the Institute’s wider community of operators and managers to benefit our industry at large.

We would like to thank all the students that took part in this year’s incentive and also give special thanks to the students whose work has been successfully published as well as the Institutions that supported them.

To find out more about incentives like this one and other benefits available to colleges and universities, that are part of our Education Membership Scheme, contact Alistair Sandall FIH, Head of Professional Development – or call 020 8661 4925.

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