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Spotlight on Hospitality 2019

Our annual complimentary market report available to all members, ensuring you are the best-informed individuals in the industry. Examining both the UK and global performance within the hospitality sector, this 64-page report provides a concise summary of annual facts and figures covering foodservice, hotels, tourism and human resources. The data is accompanied by expert commentary with an eye on what we can expect in 2019.

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Institute of Hospitality Digest (IHD)

The Institute of Hospitality acts as a vital bridge between academia and industry.

Following the successful publication of our inaugural 2017 Institute of Hospitality Digest (IHD), we are now pleased to be able to publish our 2019 (2nd Edition) annual Digest, showcasing students research projects, from our partner Education Membership Scheme colleges and universities.

The aim of the Institute of Hospitality Digest is to collect the very best academic research and share it with the Institute’s wider community of operators and managers to benefit our industry at large.

We would like to thank all the students that took part in this year’s incentive and also give special thanks to the students whose work has been successfully published as well as the Institutions that supported them.

To find out more about incentives like this one and other benefits available to colleges and universities, that are part of our Education Membership Scheme, contact Tracey Appleby, Professional Development Executive or call 020 8661 4930.

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UK food distribution on the increase

The Government’s Food Waste Reduction Fund is awarded as new research from WRAP shows a significant increase in the amount of surplus food redistributed by UK charitable and commercial organisations.

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Understanding plastic packaging and the language we use to describe it

Published by WRAP, this document sets out to clarify the differences between the materials used to make plastic packaging, the way plastics can behave and, the terminology used to describe plastics.
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Resources and guidance covering ‘Brexit’ from  GOV.UK:

EU Settlement Scheme: employer toolkit

The Home Office has launched a toolkit to help employers communicate the EU Settlement Scheme to their staff. The toolkit has been designed to help provide clear and consistent messaging to a wide range of audiences including: EU employees and their families, senior leaders, HR colleagues and line managers of EU staff.

Included is:-

  • Briefing pack – can be used for presentations at face-to-face events or webinars with EU citizen employees
  • Leaflets – eligibility requirements, how to apply
  • Posters – key information on timelines, why apply
  • Videos / animations – a ‘how-to’ animation, ‘people like me’ video.

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Preparing your business or organisation for Brexit

  • what your business or organisation may need to do to prepare for the UK leaving the EU
  • What’s changing in our industry
  • Information on specific rules and regulations

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Brexit Survival Guide

Following the release of the Brexit survey results published in June 2018, Planday has released its ‘Brexit Survival Guide’, which is packed full of advice for all hospitality businesses.  It has comments and thoughts from some of the most influential people in the hospitality industry including our Chief Executive, Peter Ducker.  Available to both members and non-members, download your free copy today.

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The Gig Economy & Hospitality. A future to prepare for.

The employment landscape is evolving, with candidates from all generations demanding flexibility in their working patterns and seeking routes to achieve that goal. Roles at all levels in the hospitality industry are tailor-made for gig working, and the rise of this trend seems unstoppable, with new platforms available to access gig roles.

Is your business ready and able to accommodate a gig workforce? Have you started the process but need to understand how to develop further? Or are you unconvinced on how gig working will impact your business? With insight from:

Antony Woodcock, Founder and CEO of GIG
Arran McDowell, HR Director, Elior
Chris Barber, Consultant, CB Food Solutions
Marco Galer-Reick, People Director, LEON
P.J Kenny, General Manager, Hoxton

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Become an Enterprise Adviser and promote hospitality careers to young people in your area

The Enterprise Adviser Network pairs business volunteers with schools/colleges to build employer engagement plans. The Network creates powerful, lasting connections between local businesses and the schools & colleges in their area. The Network is delivered locally in partnership with the 38 Local Enterprise Partnerships across England. These networked schools are able to motivate young people, support them in making informed choices about their future and help them achieve their full potential, both in and out of school.

The EAN looks for and matches senior leaders in business (including the self-employed) who volunteer as Enterprise Advisers. As an Enterprise Adviser, you will work with a  local secondary school and its careers team and governors to help the school develop and enhance their careers plan.

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Food Hygiene: Know the Score

High Speed Training has released a new Food Hygiene Ratings report analysing data from a quarter of a million food businesses across the UK, to investigate how regions, towns and cities compare nationally.

The Yorkshire based elearning provider took an in-depth look at the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme and aggregated Food Standards Agency data to provide an overall picture of the nation, complete with interactive map and league tables.

The report contains the following:

– Introduction and background to the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme and Food Hygiene Information Scheme (Scotland)

– An interactive map of the UK, complete with league tables by town / city, region and local authority

– Key findings for the sector and by regions

– Analysis: What this means for business

– Analysis: What this means for consumers

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Energy Savings for Hospitality 

UK Government is supporting innovation to help small businesses save energy and costs.

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Web app helping hospitality business to save on energy bills

Hotel Yearbook 2020
Special Edition – Sustainable Hospitality 

The HOTEL Yearbook Special Edition – Sustainable Hospitality 2020 gathers the thoughts and research from a wide-ranging group of senior executives, analysts, consultants and opinion leaders from all over the world to ask, “What lies ahead for the global hotel industry in light of the ever-changing and challenging environmental, societal and economic dimensions?” An essential read to all involved closely or remotely in the hospitality industry.

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Get To Know Your Pension – Employer toolkit

Employees often look to their employers as a trusted source of advice on workplace pensions, so this toolkit, by the Pensions Regulator, is designed to help you feel more confident when talking to your employees about their workplace pension.

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Many things to Many People: Formal Mentoring Schemes and their Management: a report 2019, Oxford Brookes University

Written and compiled by Dr Judie M Gannon and Dr Rhianon Washington, International Centre for Coaching & Mentoring Studies (ICCaMS) this report examines the shift in mentoring where more organisations, whether they are based in the private, public or third sector, are using mentoring schemes to tackle issues of development and disadvantage. This ‘turn’ in mentoring from private, informal relationships to organised formal relationships is achieved through formal mentoring initiatives or schemes. This study provides a deeper understanding of the size, scale and practices of formal mentoring schemes where previously the focus has been practitioner literature on how to run schemes or schemes operating in specific sectors.

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