Profit through reducing food waste

>>>Profit through reducing food waste
Profit through reducing food waste 2019-04-01T11:02:15+01:00

WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) was set up to promote sustainable waste management.  Their vision is of a world in which resources are used sustainably.

Working with all four UK Governments, WRAP has identified that the hospitality and food service sector is in a strong position to make a considerable contribution to reducing food and associated packaging waste.

Working collaboratively to help support their mission, September’s ‘Topic of the Month’ promotes WRAP’s  range of materials in their ‘Your Business is Food; don’t throw it away‘ toolkit.

This guidance toolkit not only encourages good practice but also means you are able to directly contribute to reducing waste and promoting sustainability within the industry.

Your business is food – starter guide is designed to help your business save money and boost profits. These simple steps and resources will help you reduce the amount of food thrown away by engaging staff and customers

Your business is food – poster is a great addition to a food business’s noticeboard. It will be a reminder to staff of the importance the business places on food thrown away, and shows them how they can help

Your business is food – 7 day tracking sheet helps food businesses to easily monitor and measure food thrown away over a 7 day period. A 3 day tracking sheet is also available.

Your business is food – summary checklist helps staff in food businesses with a handy way of ticking off their progress on the necessary actions to prevent food from being thrown away.

For more about WRAP, sign up to their newsletter or visit the WRAP website.

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