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During the month of June the Institute of Hospitality has put the spotlight on yet another key topic within our industry. This month, we are exploring how to successfully Manage Sales People.  As well as providing some top tips, our industry expert examines whether Sales is an Art or Science?

Sales is considered a bit of a ‘dark art’ by some but it does not need to be!  Is it an art or a science?  In fact, it is a bit of both so the best way to manage sales performance is with a bit of art and a bit of science.  Notice I refer to ‘manage sales performance’ rather than ‘manage sales people’.  Sales people are capable of managing themselves but they need the help of sales leader to help them excel in delivering results.

Here are 5 top tips to help your sales people be more motivated and more successful:-

  1. Define what excellence looks like

Most sales people do their best and do an OK job.  But it is rare to find that individual who makes you want to do business with them.  Find a top sales person and break down what they do, how they behave, even how they dress.  Share this with your team. Set the bar high and also find a way to stand out from the crowd!

  1. Break down the sales process

The client does not need a sales person to find out information.  More than the sales person will ever know is available at the click of a button on the internet.  What a client does need is someone who understands their business, helps them achieve their objective and puts things right when they go wrong.  53% of customer loyalty is based on the sales experience the customer receives. Are your team their customer’s go to expert?

version of themselves they can be.  Use coaching, one to one support and going out on joint appointments to help them polish their skills and stop bad habits creeping in.  Sales is not a silo. How can you work with departments, such as marketing, to help support the sales function?  Create brand stories for your team to tell.

  1. Make their life simple

Look at how your sales team spend their time.  What get’s in the way of sales?  A sale leader told me recently that she recons her sales team spend 2 says a week just inputting data into two IT systems that don’t talk to each other. How can you streamline reporting? Throw away the rule book and support your team to become the superhero’s they long to be.

  1. Celebrate success

Be your teams biggest cheer leader.  Celebrate every success.  Recognise your top people externally and internally.  Put individuals and the team forward for sales awards.

Consider joining the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management and definitely check out their awards section to see where you could enter your team.  Professional qualifications and sales management advice are also available  –

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Rosemary Bannister is MD of HT Training & Coaching who deliver some of the Institute of Hospitality’s professional development workshops.  HT Training provide experiential based training in all areas of sales, customer service and leadership development.  As well as being a trainer and coach Rosemary is a licensed practitioner for Insights Discovery; a psychometric self-development and team tool as well as Motivational Maps.

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