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Let’s Not Just “Talk” About It: Reflections on Women’s Career Development in Hospitality

Women continue to be underrepresented in senior and leadership roles in the hospitality industry, yet gender issues can no longer be treated as women’s problem.... moreView Webinar

Driving Sales from January!

Bums on Seats is bringing you a ‘live’ 45 minute Webinar & Q&A in order to give Operators some insights into driving pre-booked sales and,... moreView Webinar

Here We Go Again!! How Can Lessons From #Lockdown 1 Help Us After #Lockdown 2

England goes into the second lockdown it’s sensible to look at what lessons were learned last time. Businesses from different sectors will be planning their... moreView Webinar

A Practical Guide to Health Security Challenges for the Hotel Industry

Join this very practical session to learn about the security and safety challenges for the hotel industry in light of the current market situation that... moreView Webinar

Deepdive into Hotel Upselling

Join Mattia Zanella from Oaky and hoteliers/industry experts who will be discussing how Hotels’ upselling programs have been very traditional and static in our hotels,... moreView Webinar

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