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Using the Apprenticeship Levy to develop Leadership Capability

Staff retention and talent development are two of the key issues facing the industry. Peter Ducker in his introduction to the Spotlight on Hospitality 2018... moreView Webinar

Developing an Effective Hospitality Purchasing Strategy

This will address the key challenges and considerations for operators; building and developing strong and effective supplier relationships; how technology can save time and money... moreView Webinar

Storytelling and Science: The Marketing Secrets you need to Know

Your customers make 99% of their decisions emotionally, does your marketing reflect this? Join Karen Fewell to learn how a little psychological understanding can have... moreView Webinar

Apprenticeship Levy Update

  The levy has now been in place for 12 months and this session will give you an insight from an expert hospitality training providers... moreView Webinar

Recruitment & Retention Part 2

Recruitment & Retention Part 2The webinar will look at how personal or impersonal recruitment can be perceived vs retentionView Webinar

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