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How My Hotel Does 96% of its Bookings Direct

Having achieved this huge direct-bookings milestone in his own hotel, author of The Direct Method and CEO of digital agency DHM, Adam Hamadache, shares his... more

Boosting Sales and Productivity

Workshop duration: Half day Training workshop content: The days of the hard sell are long gone. These days it’s all about being a problem solver and solution... more

Adding Value to Your Restaurant

Workshop duration: Half day Training workshop content: Find out the recipe of success that will add value to your restaurant business. A little bit like making... more

Successful Business Planning

Workshop duration: One day Training workshop content: The old adage ‘Prior planning prevents poor performance’ is only a half truth, because no matter how much... more

The Joys of Opening a Luxury Hotel

The challenges, joys and pitfalls of opening a new hotel.

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