The Business Climate: Saving Money and the Environment

oranges_businessclimateThe Institute of Hospitality supports environmental initiatives to help hospitality managers reduce the impact of operations and increase cost savings. Try the following quality resources to support a CSR policy, improve efficiency and increase profits whilst decreasing waste and reducing carbon emissions.

FREE Institute webinar: Taking action on food waste

The webinar explains how to use some simple steps over 3 days to identify, quantify and reduce food waste. 

The Institute is an official supporter of WRAP UK's Hospitality and Foodservice Agreement (HaFSA). Try WRAP's waste reduction resources: 

Courtauld 2025 is a farm-to-fork industry commitment to help the UK tackle food waste with a proposed start of early 2016. It aims to help "businesses share efficiency savings along supply chains, waste less and get more value from unavoidable waste, and thereby increase business resilience".