The Business Climate: Saving Money and the Environment

The Institute of Hospitality promotes and supports environmental initiatives to help hospitality managers reduce the impact of their operations and increase cost savings by providing information about top quality resources and programmes that can support a CSR policy, improve efficiency and increase profits whilst decreasing waste and reducing carbon emissions.greenplanetwebinar

FREE webinar: Taking action on food waste

In this 30 minute webinar, industry expert Elin Pheasant explains how - by using simple steps over 3 days - you can quantify food waste and reduce it. Free tools and further resources are noted. 

The Institute of Hospitality is an official supporter of WRAP UK's Hospitality and Foodservice Agreement (HaFSA). The Institute continues to promote the valuable resources produced as a result of the HaFSA which concludes in 2015.

Try these easy-to-use WRAP UK hospitality industry tools: 

Courtauld 2025 is a new farm-to-fork industry commitment to help the UK tackle food waste and is proposed to start early in 2016. In addition to a consumer focus, it aims to help "businesses share efficiency savings along supply chains, waste less and get more value from unavoidable waste, and thereby increase business resilience".


Institute of Hospitality Management Guides - available to members (free) and non-members (fee), the guides cover hospitality-related subjects including how to improve environmental practices in hospitality businesses.

HaFS Info-Finder - case studies and tools showing how hospitality businesses have already made savings in areas like food waste, water and energy use, recycling and more. Relevant coverage on most sectors including hotels, pubs, health care and education.

Food Waste Resources Portal - a great starting point to locate UK food waste reports with links to the most current sources of data on food waste reduction.

Reducing and Managing Food Waste in Hotels - a free guide from Green Hotelier with the International Tourism Partnership.

The Carbon Trust - tools, guides and reports to help your business or public sector organisation address climate change and harness the economic benefits from the move to a low-carbon economy.

The Green Pages - the Institute's list of high-quality vetted resources - many of which are free - provides hospitality managers with information about how to create 'green' policies and practices.

Love Food, Hate Waste resource pack - explains how to reduce customers' plate waste. Free and easy to use, the pack contains advice, ideas, activities and resources that can be adopted for use in businesses.

Environmental Case Studies -  an Institute list of green hospitality organisations and a bibliography of articles discussing hospitality industry cases of successful sustainability and environmental best practice.

Wise Up On Waste tool - a free app from Unilever to help food service businesses benchmark how much food waste is produced, reductions in waste and costs and savings. Highly recommended.