Past Webinars 2016 Archive

Date Speaker  Subject Description
19th Jan 2016 Yukari Iguchi MA FIH FHEA
Digital Me: Harnessing the power of digital technologies to manage your professional profile

In today’s digital world, it is increasingly important to manage your digital identity.  There are growing numbers of digital tools and technologies available that can be used to your advantage, be that to maintain a suitable digital reputation and to ensure your personal details remains safe and secure, to widen our knowledge and access new learnings or to develop new contacts and network with others with similar interests. This webinar will discuss how you can enhance your relationship with web and digital technologies to benefit your personal and professional life.

2nd Feb 2106 Siobhán Pepper -Digital Marketing 

Maximise your Digital Spend

Tips and techniques to more effectively manager your remarketing campaigns.

1st March

Terry Edney LLM FCIPD  & Alison Blackhurst MCIPD, BusinessHR

Preparing for NEW Wage Challenges

This operations-focused webinar outlines how hospitality managers can prepare for – and reduce the impact of - several forthcoming pay challenges affecting all UK businesses. The challenges, including the new National Living Wage, will require careful planning and systems changes to ensure compliance and avoid penalties. Attendees will receive a FREE pdf guide explaining the steps to prepare for wage increases whilst safeguarding the business and its employees. The presenters will also discuss changes affecting holiday pay, overtime, Equal Pay and Working Time, and then answer attendees’ questions.

15th March 2016

Paul Anderson FIH  - Gram Commercial Director

Green Awareness

A summary of the Green State we live in and awareness we all need to take.

Be Green , be lean and most of all be keen….we only have one planet..let’s try and keep it !

31st May 2016

Melissa Thompson MIH

Achieving Top Food Hygiene Ratings

With compulsory display of ratings coming soon, industry expert Melissa Thompson MIH explains how developing a positive food safety culture is key to protecting your hospitality business’s reputation.

14th June 2016 Rebecca Riches How to Engage with Today's Discerning Hospitality Guest

Because the hospitality, travel and tourism space remains extremely competitive, it's critical to establish and maintain a competitive advantage.
One increasingly important way of doing this is to recognise what content marketing is and how to integrate it into your overall marketing effort.

28th June 2016 Jonathan Gray  Employment Law Survival Guide for Hospitality Managers

An efficient injection of advice as to the employment law rights of a manager level employee in the hospitality sector. This webinar will look at:

  • The critical matters to confirm when starting a new job
  • Rights during employment
  • The critical matters to deal with when leaving a position.
12th July 2016 Elizabeth Marsh The Economics of Floral Design

Elizabeth Marsh looks at the real value of floral and natural arrangements in hospitality spaces and talks about how they create a tangible ROI through increased revenue and reduced outgoings.

6th Sep 2016 Dr Simon Hudson Capitalising on Brexit’s silver lining

For hospitality managers in the UK, Brexit’s silver lining is that a vacation here just got a great deal cheaper, and predictions are that we will be experiencing a significant increase in overseas visitors. For Americans in particular, prices are nearly 30 percent lower than two years ago. But how can we better serve these customers, who often have very high expectations in terms of customer service?  

20th Sep 2016 Janel Clark We have data, but how do we use it? Great tips to manage hotels better

We have data, but how can we use it? There has never been more data for us as hoteliers. Guest data from our internal systems, social media data, website data, guest reviews and much more. On average a hotel receives data from more than 12 systems every day. But how can we put that data to use.
What can an individual hotel do to use the data while remaining a hotelier. 

Download your free "How To Use Hotel Data Chart"

4th Oct 2016 Julian Vaughan How hospitality business can win

Learn how to increase traffic, drive revenue, reduce reliance on OTAs and deliver substantial ROI for your hotel. You can get more direct bookings and improved ROI for your hotel. Understand how hoteliers can fight back and navigate the fiercely competitive digital landscape to win more guests.

Learn how to:

Embrace the role of OTAs
Reduce the commission you pay
Adopt an OTA strategy where you’re in control
Invest wisely in your hotel website

18th Oct 2016 Julian Edwards Food Allergens and Customer Excellence

The Food Allergen HACCP and due diligence framework not only helps protect your business but WILL also appeal to a critically wary customer base, which above all want transparency and deserve service excellence like any other customer!

1st Nov 2016 Professor Angela Roper & Dr Maureen Brookes Addressing the risk of human trafficking

All hotels are exposed to the risk of human trafficking.  The nature and necessities of human trafficking - the requirement for continuous movement, temporary accommodation, supply of low cost products and services and the privacy and anonymity offered to guests – place hotel businesses in a high level of exposure. The webinar presents findings from a project to combat human trafficking and will help participants identify the vulnerabilities of their business. It presents real-life cases of human trafficking in order to demonstrate what signals could have been spotted by hotel employees and what could have been done in order to prevent, mitigate or eliminate the risk of human trafficking. Participants will be able to identify what training might be required within their business and what barriers can be erected to combat human trafficking.

15th Nov 2016 Jonathan Gray The effect of Brexit on the employment and immigration rights of employees in the hospitality and leisure sector

The effect of Brexit on the employment and immigration rights of employees in the hospitality and leisure sector will look at:

  • The position it is now (i.e. pre -Brexit, employment and immigration obligations – consider Byron Proper Hamburgers).
  • What might change
  • What to do to get ahead of the changes, particualarly EU nationals working in the UK


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