Date Speaker  Subject Description
13th Jan 2015 Janine Mills- Head of Information Services, Institute of Hospitality Tips and Tricks for using the Institute’s Hospitality eResources A taster of the Institute's favourite members-only benefits, the eResources Collection, including valuable hospitality resources and how to get the most from this great hospitality tool.
27th Jan 2015 Andrew Souter, Solicitor How hospitable are you? A practical guide to employing foreign migrants Key aspects employers should know when employing non-EEA foreign migrants. Including Sponsor Licences, Tier 2 visas, the resident labour market test, sponsorship and right to work check compliance.
3rd Feb 2015 Jane Sunley, CEO, Cupid 'Leadership: Inspiring Others' How today's leaders will need to evolve in order to keep pace with an ever changing world, appealing to all generations from Boomer to Gen Y.
24th Feb 2015 Paul West MIH, CEO Reaching the right people, in the right place, at the right time Digital precision marketing a marketing technique focusing on retention, cross-selling and upselling to existing customers.  Paul will show how best to use this technique for hospitality businesses.
10th Mar 2015 Yukari Iguchi FIH, Academic Lead, Hospitality and Leisure How to communicate effectively with international staff and guests The ability to communicate with people is as important as qualifications and experience.
Yukari shares her vital hints and tips on how to communicate with international staff and guests.
24th Mar 2015 Joanna Doyle, Guest Loyalty Programmes; 5 Key Benefits For An Independent Hotel An overview of the benefits of operating a Guest Loyalty Programme in your hotel.

23rd June

Jackie Sinclair,
Legal Officer NACRO
Employing ex-offenders: making safe and fair recruitment decisions At least 10 million people in the UK have a criminal record. That’s over 20% of the working-age population – a vast pool of potential talent that many organisations either directly or indirectly exclude from their recruitment. Touching on some of the legal considerations, this webinar seeks to address some of the misconceptions about employing ex-offenders and outlines where you can get further advice and support with making safe and fair recruitment decisions.
30th June 2015 William Richmond-Coggan
Building a Reputation Online – a survival guide Consumers are becoming more and more reliant on online research, and place as much trust in reviews found online as they do in personal recommendations. For businesses in the hospitality sector, this means that having a good reputation online is of ever increasing importance to your survival. Knowing what that reputation is, building it in a positive and coherent way, and defending it from attack are vital skills that all such businesses require.
This talk by Will Richmond-Coggan, a social media litigator with Pitmans LLP, will be aimed at pointing out some of the pitfalls and looking at some of the successful, and not so successful, strategies that businesses have used to give themselves the edge in this competitive space.
7th July 2015 Alison Knight
Divisional Director of Resourcing
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Some pertinent HR questions to ask yourself and your employer if you want to get ahead in your career

This webinar will suggest some answers (and indeed suggest questions you should ask yourself!) on topics such as:
- how often you should move jobs?; 
- should you take time out to travel?
- Should you stay to progress or is it best to move

… and other relate career issues.

14th July 2015 Christoph Hoffmann
Quality Assurance and Health & Safety Director at Omni Facilities Management Ltd
Founder and Owner of hsk-knowledge.com
Performance Measurement and Performance Management - A Housekeeping Case Study

In order to manage and positively drive operational performance it is important to have the correct performance measurements in place. This student focused webinar will provide an overview of performance measurement and performance management and will use the hotel’s housekeeping function as an example to highlight the importance and impact of relevant (non financial) Key Performance Indicators.

8th Sept 2015 Paul Anderson MIH, MCGC Commercial Director
Sustainability and operational efficiencies within foodservice.... is it just food for thought?

This webinar sheds light on what businesses can do to become more operationally efficient by introducing sustainable initiatives, and how this can have a positive impact on their business success.

With many operators completely unaware of possible incentives to become more sustainable, topics will include comments from industry experts and research.

15th Sept 2015 Kate Windebank, Head of E-Procurement & Client Services and Andy Badger, Managing Director Unlocking the power of your purchasing data. Hospitality provision and the web are now dining at the same table. Isn't it time to look at the menu?

A view on how online platforms are able to transform management processes integral to the provision of foodservice. 

From purchasing to payment, live business intelligence dashboards and monitoring responsible buying performance, the power of digital data can be unlocked to deliver an array of useful tools that enhance profitability and track performance in real time.

22nd Sept 2015 Prof. Andrew Lockwood Forte Professor of Management and Associate Dean Productivity, work flexibility and managing labour in hotels

The webinar will report on some of the findings of an eighteen month research study supported by the ESRC conducted by the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Surrey into productivity in two UK hotel chains. It will explore how different ways of managing your labour can have a direct impact on productivity as demand patterns change and the differences between rooms and food and beverage.

29th Sept 2015 Miles Quest, Author
And Peter Nannestad, Author
How To Buy and Manage Your Own Hotel: First Hand Essential Advice From Authors Of This Must-Have New Book'

In order to manage and positively drive operational performance it is important to have the correct performance measurements in place. This student focused webinar will provide an overview of performance measurement and performance management and will use the hotel’s housekeeping function as an example to highlight the importance and impact of relevant (non financial) Key Performance Indicators.

3rd Nov 2015 Yukari Iguchi MA FIH FHEA Academic Lead, Hospitality and Leisure Professional Development for Success: How far have you come so far, and where do you want to go now?

Hospitality industry is one of the largest industries in the world and still growing. This means more and better career opportunities for you, but do you know where you want go, and how? This webinar helps you with self-assessment and target setting for your career, and provide some hints and tips on how to achieve it.

17th Nov 2015 Julie Hague (Licensing Project Manager, 
Sheffield Safeguarding Children Board) and PS Katherine Wallis (South Yorkshire Police)
Raising awareness of child sexual exploitation in the hospitality industry

Raising awareness of child sexual exploitation for the hospitality industry.  Operation Makesafe is a campaign led by the Metropolitan Police Service in partnership with London boroughs raising awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation within the business community including hotels and licensed premises.

1st Dec 2015 Leyla Basacik
Sustainability Manager
Responsible Hotel and Resource Management

Considerate Hoteliers (www.consideratehoteliers.com), will look at the drivers of sustainability including the Macro and the Micro and how this relates to on-property efficiencies, and a hotel's Green Team. Through the use of technology, this presentation will look at the value of measuring and monitoring sustainability using Con-Serve. Con-Serve is a web-based technology platform that measures, assesses and makes savings related to Energy, Carbon, Water, Waste, Travel & Transport, and Laundry.

This presentation is essential for General Managers, Chef Engineers, Financial Controllers, Operations, CSR Leads and all in a hotel Green Team.


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