31st Jan 2017

Ciara Crossan, Founder & CEO of WeddingDates

Winning more weddings

Thousands of couples get engaged at Christmas & New Years so the industry will see a massive influx in enquiries come January 1st.

How can your hotel position itself to not only increase your visibility and get more leads but even more importantly how can you ensure that your team is converting the leads that are coming into your hotel?

Ciara Crossan from WeddingDates is a regular speaker at industry events on the topic of online marketing for wedding venues and is passionate about helping hotels increase their wedding sales through clever pipeline management.

21st Feb 2017

Paul Green, Head Sommelier, Jascots Wine Merchants

Winning with wine - Five top tips to get the most of your wine list

Winning with wine - Five top tips to get the most of your wine list!

- How do you build a winning wine list?
- Do you know how to sell it?
- How do you stop it from losing you money?
- Are you training your team effectively?
- Are you maximising your suppliers?

7th Mar 2017 Aly Thompson
Industry Manager UK & Ireland, trivago
The online world and how it hangs together For many hoteliers the online world is an intimidating beast: there is a multitude of marketing and booking websites, some which you engage with directly and others you don’t, and somehow in this complicated context you need to ensure that your hotel rooms will be filled and your margins will be met.
23rd Mar 2017

Yukari Iguchi FIH, Academic Lead, Hospitality and Leisure, University of Derby Online Learning

What builds customer loyalty?

We all know customer loyalty brings a range of benefits to the business. But what exactly is ‘loyalty’, and how can we achieve it? This webinar will explore the concept of customer loyalty in the hospitality business context and discuss how we can achieve it, with some practical hints and tips

4th Apr 2017

Trisha Bennett FIH, Communications Director, Hospitality Assured

Helping organisations achieve competitive advantage through business and service excellence

Is there still a role for state and industry-wide quality assessments, do they mean anything to the customer in the era of online reviews?

Without reviews, would there be a gap in communications to the guests or the possibility that standards will decrease? Without assessments would it be challenging to change perceptions, improve service or effect the direction and the form hospitality businesses take to improve?

25th Apr 2017 Neil Shorthouse FIH, Founder & Managing Director, Hospitality Cruise International Recruitment and retention; a personal or impersonal facet of the hospitality industry The webinar will look at how personal or impersonal recruitment can be perceived vs retention.

9th May 2017

Janel Clark, Head of Consultancy & Education, Snapshot

Adopting technology doesn't need to be hard

 In 2017 it is no longer necessary to commit to one stand alone system for everything. How can you pick and choose apps to suit your hotel and needs?.

In this webinar learn how using smaller software can reduce risk, give flexibility and improve productivity and cost efficiency for your hotel.
13th June 2017

Peter Fullard, Managing Director, Upskill People

Truly changing behaviour with e-Learning

Skills development must go beyond “ticking the box” to deliver a real business bottom line benefit. The webinar will focus on showing how hospitality professionals can ensure that e-Learning supports a change in team behaviour that lasts. It will cover how to successfully develop, deploy and measure online training.

11th July 2017

Fee Naaijkens, Industry Manager NL/BE, trivago

Taking control to drive direct bookings to your hotel

Driving direct bookings is not all about big marketing budgets and buying advertising space. It’s about taking control of the tools at your disposal to enable the traveller to find your hotel in the early stages of their online travel research and delivering a seamless experience to book with you directly.

In this webinar, we’ll go into more detail about some of the intermediaries we mentioned in our March webinar about the online distribution space, and how they work together to optimise your online presence for direct bookings. presence for direct bookings.

25th Jul 2017

Adam Rowledge FIH, General Manager, The Georgian House Hotel

Taking control of your career progression Your manager or HR office may not have the necessary time to devote to your development.  Instead, we have to take control of making the right career choices and fulfilling our career potential.
1st Aug 2017

Diana Christie, Founder, DressCode Uniforms

Uniforms for the millennial era

How well-dressed staff lead to higher morale, staff retention and heightened productivity.

12th Sep 2017

Sarah Brickwood MIH and Jo Woods, Hospitality Sales and Revenue Training Consultants at Smart Revenue

First impressions - WOW! Investigating the impact of guest service on enquiry conversion.

We all know that first impressions count, and placing an enquiry is often the first stage of a guest's journey. So what can we do to create a Moment of Magic at this stage?

This webinar will explore how conversion of enquiries can be increased purely by simplifying the "sales conversation" and focusing on guest service above and beyond everything else. We will give some practical hints and tips on how you can increase enquiry conversion by showing a genuine interest in the booker, talking about how you can meet their needs using WOW words, and making it easy for them to book.

26th Sep 2017

Philip Simpson, Commercial Director of ReFood

Benefits of food waste recycling - The facts, the figures and the way to save

In order to appeal to the growing environmental concerns of consumers, and to position yourself as a business that cares about the environment and ‘doing your bit’, businesses must ensure that they’re helping to lead change.

This is especially important in an industry such as hospitality, which contributes significantly to the UK’s food waste problem. What many businesses don’t realise is that by diverting food waste away from landfill, they can also realise disposal cost savings of up to 47%.

31st Oct 2017

Tom Flatau,
Founder & CEO of Team-Working International

How to become a black belt negotiator

  • Understand how the best negotiators get that all-important emotional buy-in
  • Build confidence & presence to present your case with maximum impact
  • Work out hidden interests and shift the balance of power in your favour - every time
  • Spot the seven most common negotiators' tricks AND COUNTER them
  • Stop getting beaten down on price and making unnecessary concessions
  • Use win-win negotiation to achieve better relationships
7th Nov 2017

Tracey Fairclough MIH, Managing Partner at Turpin Smale Catering Consultants

Women in Hospitality: Gender gap research study 2017

"I was invited to join the Women in Hospitality panel for the Institute of Hospitality recently and wanted to add comments of value. I conducted a survey by approaching women with whom I was connected in hospitality, to (a) identify what women today see as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats and (b) summarise today's climate.

Ask 100 different women the same question, the answers will be different. I relied upon the goodwill of the lovely ladies in the industry I knew who were frank and honest, for which I’m truly grateful. I'll present my findings to you in this webinar so you can ask any questions."

14th Nov 2017

Pete Fullard, Managing Director at Upskill People

How to Blend e-Learning with Other Options

TUCO's strategy to work with the specific needs of their membership to implement e-learning as part of a blend of wider methods of delivering, tracking and analysing knowledge and skills.

28th Nov 2017

Reka Mizsei, Lecturer at Glion Institute of Higher Education.

Loyalty and love

Are hotel guests loyal because of the incentive they get from loyalty programs or are they loyal because they love the brand? Do hotels need a loyalty program to gain brand love?

5th Dec 2017

Fee NaaiJkens, Industry Manager English Markets

Untangling Online Reputation with Trivago

Your online reputation can make or break your hotel, but how can you keep track of it? And even more importantly, how can you make sure your guests leave a trail of positive feedback in your online channels? Ratings and reviews, your social media presence and activity, loyalty programmes, and every aspect of your communication with your guests all contributes to your online reputation. In this webinar, trivago will give an overview of what your online reputation means, and share tips for managing your hotel's reputation online.

12th Dec 2017

Jonathan Gray, Partner - Employment & Licensing Law at Pitmans LLP

Immigration and Discrimination – planning for 2018 and beyond

To review the latest thinking on Brexit and immigration issues as at the end of 2017, and to consider how to fill the potential staff/skill gaps of the future by being a successful equal opportunities employer.

This will include how to properly manage the gender pay gap reporting obligations and what to be aware of from an age discrimination perspective when seeking to attract and retain younger and older workers.


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