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9th Jan 2018

Yukari Iguchi FIH, Academic lead for Hospitality and Business at UDOL

How to Manage Stress in the Hospitality Workplace

The hospitality industry plays a crucial part in the UK economy employing more than two million workers and accounting for 7% of the economy. Despite its importance, this industry is also known for poor mental health. This webinar explores the strategies and techniques which managers can utilise to approach stress within the hospitality workplace and lead on making effective changes.

23rd Jan 2018

Richard Crookes, MA, MCLIP, Senior Training Specialist, EBSCO Information Services

Searching EBSCO research products

This webinar, you will get the chance to learn how to make the most of this member benefit. Attend to find out what is available through the EBSCO database and how to browse, view and search publications. Richard will also demonstrate how to print, email and save information.

30th Jan 2018

Karen Winter, Marketing Director, Lolly

Results of the GDPR Ready Survey

Following on from the survey Lolly conducted with the IOH membership in October 2017, Karen Winter reveals the results of the  "GDPR Ready Survey" and shares updated tips on how to de-risk in readiness for May 25th 2018.

6th Feb 2018

Fee Naaijkens, Industry Manager English Markets & The Netherlands, trivago

Travel trends in the UK

When you know who your potential guests are, you’ll know how to serve them. Learn more about search behaviour and their preferences among the most common visitors of the UK during this webinar. When do they start their search online? What are they willing to spend and which filters are they using to find their ideal hotel. In this webinar, trivago will share all the data we’ve been sharing with you in HQ and more, so at the end of this webinar you know how you can target your guests more specifically and gain more bookings.

20th Feb 2018

Naomi Parsons, Channel Manager - Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure, Tchibo

Be the Expert in Coffee

Make the right impact with your coffee! Knowing how to make the best coffee is as important as knowing how to upsell it. We will discuss how to bring your customer on an unforgettable journey.

13th Mar 2018

Jonathan Gray, Partner - Employment & Licensing Law, Pitmans LLP


2 Months to Go - Last chance to get GDPR Compliant

Whether you're still unsure of how GDPR will affect your business or you're seeking assurance that your policies and processes comply with the standards of the new regulation, this webinar provides a last chance look into what should be in place to lawfully manage the data rights of your employees and customers and what should be done differently when GDPR is in place come May 2018.

3rd April 2018

Karen Winter,
Marketing Director, Lolly

Tips on Being GDPR Ready

Following on from the survey Lolly conducted withthe IOH membership in October 2017, Karen Winter reveals the results of the "GDPR Ready Survey" and shares updated tips on how to de-risk in readiness for May 25th 2018.

17th April 2018

Neil Shorthouse FIH, Founder & Managing Director, Shorthouse Hospitality International

Recruitment & Retention Part 2

The webinar will look at how personal or impersonal recruitment can be perceived vs retention

1st May 2018

Peter Hancock FIH MI, Chief Executive, Pride of Britain Hotels

The Advantages of joining Hotel Marketing Consortia

In this webinar Peter Hancock FIH MI, talks through some of the benefits of joining hotel marketing consortia.  His long experience as a general manager, guide publisher and hospitality industry commentator as well as 18 years running the UK's leading cosortium covers all aspects, tips and tricks, to exract the full benefit and covers marketing groups in general, not just Pride of Britain.

22nd May 2018

David Poet, Managing Director, International Hospitality & Leisure Practice, Gallagher

Crisis Resilience Webinar

After attacks in Paris, Manchester, London, Las Vegas , Orlando and Kabul where many hospitality and leisure businesses such as hotels, stadiums, bars and restaurants were affected by attacks.  We therefore feel that this is a subject where our specialist crisis resilience team can look to assist your organisation.  Does your hospitality organisation have policies and procedures to reduce security and terrorism threats and respond effectively if an incident occurs? And have these evolved with the changing nature of the threat. If you operate internationally do you have bespoke plans for each country. Specialists from Gallagher, a leading insurance broker will outline what you need to do to discharge your duty of care to employees and others who travel on business. Sharing tips on how you can improve your resilience and manage any crises which do occur

29th May 2018

Paul Green, Head Trainer, WineEd

The Wine Procurement Process

A webinar focused on how to transform your procurement process and your bottom line.

12th June 2018

Jonathan Raggett FIH MI, Managing Director, TheRed Carnation Hotel Collection

How to remain top on TripAdvisor

Delivering genuine hospitality and consistency to exceed expectations and garner positive UGC.

26th June 2018

Adele C Oxberry FIH, Managing Director, Umbrella Training

Apprenticeship Levy Update

The levy has now been in place for 12 months and this session will give you an insight from an expert hospitality training provider perspective about how they have successfully worked with hospitality businesses with ensuring they have a return of investment with their levy.  Some excellent examples of best practice will be shared and top tips on how to implement an effective apprenticeship programme even if you are a small business.

17th July 2018

Karen Fewell, Founder & Director, Digital Blonde

Storytelling and science: the marketing secrets you need to know

Your customers make 99% of their decision emotionally, does your marketing reflect this?  Join Karen Fewell to learn how a little psychological understanding can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your marketing.  Karen will talk you through how to create compelling content and engaging stories for social medai, covering everything from Instagram Stories to SnapChat.  Offering you unmissable insights into the latest develpments in digital marketing, this session will help supercharge your marketing and boost your business.


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