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EuroCHIRE 2015 15-17 October 2015 Manchester Metropolitan University


Experience EuroCHRIE 2015
15th–17th October 2015
Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK

In The Experience Economy, Pine and Gilmore called for economic sectors to shift from selling services to selling experiences. While services are intangible, experiences are distinguished as being memorable. Global pioneers in the experience economy have sought opportunities to increase their competitive edge and strategic advantage by viewing services as experiences.

Experience EuroCHRIE 2015 conference will seek to place into an industrial and academic context the hospitality, tourism and events industries and the experience economy. Pedagogic research into the educational experiences of hospitality, tourism and events students is also welcome.

We invite the submission of research and practice conference papers and/or poster presentations from academics, industry practitioners and postgraduate research students on the following research themes:

  1. Consumers’ experiences
  2. Management of experiences
  3. Sustainable experiences
  4. Experience technologies
  5. Educational experiences

Full details of the themes and the paper/poster submission guidelines, can be found at the conference website:

Please note: the Call for Paper themes are indicative areas for conference submissions but they are not exhaustive. Please feel free to submit outside these areas. For authors who are unsure of the theme to which their paper is best suited, please submit as ‘Miscellaneous’ and the Programme Chair will allocate a theme.

Any queries related to paper submission, please contact Dr. Amanda Miller (Programme Chair,

Submission Deadline: Monday 2nd March 2015

Twitter: @EuroCHRIE2015