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Student profile – Eleni Michael


Eleni Michael, 21 is currently in her final year of a BSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management degree at University of Surrey. Eleni tells us why she chose a career in Hospitality and how being a student member of the Institute of Hospitality is of value.

What attracted you to a career in hospitality?

I enjoy working in hospitality simply because I love making people happy and turning their moments into memorable experiences.


What do you enjoy most about studying hospitality?

Since the beginning of my hospitality degree at Surrey, I have developed numerous skills I can see myself applying in daily life, making me a better person. My study-abroad experience in Hong Kong and my placement at The Savoy hotel have given me a great insight towards successful career development. Being taught by some excellent academics, with years of experience in the industry has also made a difference to my learning.

Have you had any work experience in the hospitality industry?

I first started when I was 16, serving food and drinks along the beach for 10 hours a day. That was a good first taste of what it means to work in hospitality.  I then continued by gaining experience in a MasterChef Restaurant in my University town and also by working as an events server for an agency. I sought for opportunities to work in a fine-dining / luxury environment and I attained a position as an events server at the annual Chelsea Flower Show for two years; I was working for DO&CO Gourmet Catering Company, under the supervision of Fortnum and Mason.  My greatest achievement so far was the completion of my placement year at The Savoy hotel in London.

How does being a member of the Institute benefit you?

Since joining the IOH, I have met some great individuals, with prestigious positions and years of experience in the sector. Networking is one of the key benefits along with being constantly updated with industry trends from participating in various seminars and forums organised by the Institute. 

What are your career ambitions?

I aspire to specialise in F&B as gastronomy is my passion. Interacting with people from various cultural or professional backgrounds is my strength, in terms of dealing with colleagues and also my guests.

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