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Premier Foods is one of Britain’s largest food producers, supplying operators with some of the nation’s best loved brands including, Bisto, McDougalls, Bird’s, Homepride and Angel Delight. Premier Foods’ extensive range of products allows operators to create a whole host of recipes, from delicious roast dinner accompaniments to freshly baked goods; they’re trusted by chefs and caterers across the UK for their high quality and versatility.

Premier Foods supplies to a range of wholesale and foodservice customers, whether you’re a school caterer in search of inspiration to increase meal uptake or a chef in a bustling pub. The company’s dedicated team of chefs and culinary experts understand business needs and the regular challenges that they face. The team at Premier Foods is on hand to offer tailored advice and support with product information, tailored training and development programmes, and recipe ideas to inspire. Recent recipe solution guides launched by Premier Foods to help businesses in all sectors include: Mother’s Day & Easter, Education Solutions, Christmas and International Dysphagia Diet Standards Initiative (IDDSI).

The company continues to work collaboratively with its customers on an ongoing basis to identify areas where it can upskill caterers and meet a need. The latest training programme Premier Foods developed has done just this having trained a number of customers on the new IDDSI which came into effect April 2019, alongside a first to market guide equipping customers with creative and inspirational recipe ideas which follow the new framework. Since Premier Foods’ healthcare programme launched in 2012 it has provided free training to over 1,000 operators and caterers in this area.

With the foodservice market constantly evolving, Premier Foods always stays ahead of the curve, keeping on top of current trends and adapting to them. The eating out market has seen growth for almost a decade, due to factors such as tourism, staycations and demand for more premium offerings, which is a continued opportunity for wholesales, chefs and caterers in the hospitality industry to take advantage of. Premier Foods continues to utilise data and insights to help predict micro and macro trends that will have an impact on the hospitality industry and the products and dishes that they are offering.

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