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>>Global Secure Accreditation

Hotels have inherent vulnerabilities to being targeted by criminals and cyber criminals, as they see hotels as largely ‘soft’ targets and data rich playgrounds.  Terrorists have similarly seen hotels as high-value targets, directing attacks at westerners, western interests (Sri Lanka) or international groupings (Sousse, Tunisia) of innocent people to gain maximum political impact for their cause.

It would appear that travellers in all sectors are increasingly looking to the hospitality industry to provide relevant information on security protocols to allow them to make informed decisions prior to booking.  A recent Travelzoo Survey in the six biggest traveller countries saw 89% of guests ranking security as their first concern.  This is highly relevant to the business community, with greater assurances on security being sought by the business traveller, international guests, corporate booking officials, and travel management companies.

Global Secure Accreditation is the world’s first truly independent system of hotel security accreditation, established and operated by highly experienced security experts and created in partnership with SFJ Awards (SFJ) a UK Government (Ofqual) approved standards awarding organisation.

Benefits to a Hotel include:

•     Assuring guests & staff that your hotels have undertaken due diligence in security protocols such as fire certificate, H&S compliance, etc.
•     A great marketing tool for your DOSM to promote your hotel, creating a differentiator and increased ADR.
•     Potential reductions on insurance premiums.

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