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Travel Click 2019-10-16T13:28:50+01:00

As a trusted hotel partner with more than three decades of industry experience, TravelClick offers innovative, cloud-based and data-driven solutions that help hotels around the world to maximize revenue.

More than 25,000 customers are driving better business decisions to know, acquire, convert and retain guests through our interconnected suite of solutions – Business Intelligence, Reservations & Booking Engine, Media, Web & Video and Guest Management. Hotels also benefit from leveraging our more than 600 travel-focused partnerships.

As part of Amadeus, we are one of the world’s largest travel companies, with a range of solutions able to serve hotels both large and small. We have one goal – to enhance the guest experience, drive loyalty and increased profitability. Some of the achievements we’re proudest of include:

  • 41,000 hotels worldwide distribute their properties through us
  • We send 573 million emails every year on behalf of our hotels
  • Our customers have seen their mobile bookings increase by 15% since 2018
  • 17% of travellers upgrade their stays after seeing an offer sent through us

TravelClick operates in 176 countries with local experts in 39 countries. The company’s 14 offices span the globe: New York, Atlanta, Barcelona, Bucharest, Chicago, Dallas, Dubai, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Orlando, Ottawa, Paris, Shanghai and Singapore.

With our worldwide presence, we have a deep understanding of local markets along with a global perspective that drives optimum results for the hotels we serve.

Visit TravelClick on their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Alternatively, you can contact TravelClick via their contact page.

Swiss Education Group Professional 2019-10-11T21:21:04+01:00

Swiss Education Group Professional has developed from the latest generation of Switzerland’s time-honoured hospitality and culinary schools (César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, Hotel Institute Montreux, IHTTI School of Hotel Management and Swiss Hotel Management School)

With a global team of top business and expert facilitators, Swiss Education Group Professional partners with enterprises, organizations and governments to develop people and organisational culture. We focus on feeding humanity, not ego. We collaborate to foster sustainable growth that is aligned with the brand essence and strategic business goals of our client partners.

Each course is meticulously designed for high impact learning & development with the signature of our international industry professionals. Our facilitators apply a unique methodology that ensures transformative experiences and guarantee applicable tools and strategies for performance optimisation.

Transformation will not happen by learning business theory. High Impact transformation will only take place by experiencing situations in social settings that ensure an impression on people and the organisation.

Though we have designed numerous general and high-impact courses, our main focus is in custom designing courses for proper fit. Only then can we truly “partner.” We consider the levels of experience from junior/supervisory, mid-level/department head, and general management/executive to tailor fit the learning and development outcomes.

Areas of expertise include leadership and entrepreneurship, sustainable business development, organisational change and growth, people and culture, service excellence, operations and quality management, sales and marketing, culinary arts, food & beverage, retail and luxury business management.

Discover our range of our courses and custom options at or please contact our team to explore how our courses could support your needs.

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Swiss Education Group 2019-10-11T16:50:43+01:00

Swiss Education Group is the largest provider of private hospitality education across Switzerland. We pride ourselves on offering students a variety of options to ensure that every educational experience is tailored to each student’s needs and career aspirations.

A range of Bachelor’s degrees in hospitality gives students the opportunity to tailor their degrees with multiple specialisations, ranging from luxury brand management to design to entrepreneurship. Each Bachelor’s degree is awarded in partnership with UK or US-based universities and are endorsed by multiple academic and industry partners including Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Ritz Escoffier, Switzerland Tourism and Alessi.

Six beautiful campuses across French and German-speaking Switzerland offer a wide variety of living options, and students are immersed in a hospitality environment from day one. We were ranked no. 1 by i-graduate 2018 for Overall living & arrival, accommodation quality & topic selection, reflecting our dedication to the student experience.

A major part of a hospitality education with us is gaining real-world experience to prepare students for their future careers. Students join our 22,000 alumni global network from their first day on campus, and attend our International Recruitment Forum, with over 100 companies attending each year, twice a year, to recruit from us. Our Career Services team support each student through their journey, providing support and guidance every step of the way.

To discover what a hospitality education with us involves, we run a 1-week introductory course across the summer with Swiss Education Academy, with students staying at one of our school’s campuses and taking introductory classes taught by our lecturers.

For anyone considering a Master’s education or looking to change career paths, we offer professional industry-endorsed master’s programmes and traditional academic master’s degrees in partnership with University of Derby (UK).

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Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership 2019-10-01T12:03:15+01:00

Tower Hamlets EBP is a charity with nearly 30 years’ experience in delivering programmes and workshops aimed at raising the aspirations of young people through developing employability skills and an understanding of the world of work. We encourage school students to make informed decisions about their futures and develop the skills they need to secure meaningful employment.

Tower Hamlets faces the highest child poverty rate of any UK local authority, and high levels of unemployment remain entrenched between generations. Despite the borough covering Canary Wharf and being bordered by the City, students’ aspirations remain narrow and awareness of workplaces and employer expectations are minimal.

One of our biggest programmes is Work Experience. Our Work Experience programme engages around 2000 students from Tower Hamlets schools every year. These students often do not have networks or connections with people who could offer them work experience placements, so we source these placements for them, using our connections to local businesses.

Placements within the hospitality sector are increasingly in demand from students, so we need more organisations to offer these placements to students. Joining our work experience programme is simple and straightforward; you don’t need any special insurance, risk assessments or DBS checks for staff. Placements are unpaid and usually last one week. Placements happen right across the academic year with a variety of students, so you can pick a date and a type of student (age, area of interest) which best suits your organisation.

Work Experience is crucial for giving young people an insight into the working world and is a key step in improving social mobility within a very deprived area of London.

If you’re interested in joining our programme and providing these life-changing placements for our students, please get in touch for further information.

Contact us on or call our Work Experience team on 020 7655 0300.

We also offer corporate volunteering opportunities, where you can work with our students across a variety of programmes and have a direct impact on their knowledge of the working world and share your knowledge to equip them with essential skills they need for the future.

For more information, contact us on or call our Volunteering team on 020 7655 0300.

For information about all of our programmes, please visit, follow us on Twitter: @TowerHamletsEBP, or find us on LinkedIn: Tower Hamlets EBP.

P&G Professional 2019-10-09T15:22:35+01:00

Procter & Gamble Professional™ is the Away-From-Home division of Procter & Gamble. We leverage P&G’s scale, trusted brands and consumer understanding to meet the business needs for hospitality, foodservice, building cleaning and maintenance, education and care home industries.

Today’s culture of sharing and rating means a spotless reputation is critical to business success. In research conducted by Procter & Gamble Professional, 91% agreed cleanliness was the mark of a good hospitality business. Conversely customers immediately notice unpleasant odours (56%) and dirty or sticky floors (27%) when entering a hotel. Cleanliness is critical in building repeat loyalty and P&G Professional’s range of products guarantee a superior clean throughout your establishment, helping you improve your ratings, customer loyalty and guest experiences.

First impressions and lasting experiences are critical and a top priority for us to make every experience count. Our brand names  – Ariel® Professional, Lenor® Professional, Fairy® Professional, Flash® Professional and Febreze® Professional – are your guarantee and our professional systems are trusted, simple and effective.


  • Ariel Professional Laundry System – Our automated laundry system contains deep cleaning technology, which leaves behind nothing but Ariel’s impeccable 1 Wash Clean. Three Ariel Professional System options can meet all commercial or on premise laundry needs. Ariel Professional Laundry Systems are installed with accurate dispensing equipment and programmable handsets to optimise results.


  • Flash Professional Cleaning System – Our multi-purpose concentrated cleaning system uses just four products for your core cleaning needs: floors, surfaces, bathrooms and odours. Accurate wall mounted dispensing systems deliver cost control and consistent results. Colour coding and language-free icons keep the program safe and simple to use!


  • P&G Professional’s Ready-to-Use Range – Professional products from Fairy and Flash cover cleaning and disinfecting needs in care home kitchens, public/dining areas, and bathrooms. The packaging is colour and number coded to ensure ease of use.

Need to ask us a question? Look no further! You can use our contact form to find out all you need to know about P&G Professional and our cleaning products.

The National Apprenticeship Service 2019-08-12T11:40:42+01:00

The National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) is part of the Department for Education, the government agency that coordinates apprenticeships in England. NAS offers free impartial advice and support to employers looking to recruit and for individuals seeking apprenticeship opportunities.

Apprenticeships are a great way to progress in work and life and a great way for employers to improve the skills base of their business. They work for people of all ages and backgrounds and can transform lives.

The National Apprenticeship Service are rolling out many more Higher and Degree Apprenticeships, combining a high quality qualification with an apprenticeship. Higher and Degree Apprenticeships are widening access to many professions and providing the higher level technical skills employers need to improve productivity and give individuals an equally valid career route as going to university.

There are a huge variety of apprenticeships available across England offered by leading businesses of all sizes, including household names such as BBC, ASOS, ITV, Airbus and IBM.

Follow National Apprenticeship Service:

Twitter – @Apprenticeships / @FireItUp_Apps
Instagram – National Apprenticeship Service

King Stage Learning Centre 2019-07-24T12:42:29+01:00

Founded in 2009, King Stage Learning Centre operates in Education sectors, offering a range of bespoke teaching and career management services to students by providing affordable pathway to obtain a Bachelor’s degree or Masters qualification in the areas of Business and hospitality management.

We offer executive training to hotel personnel in food and beverage management.  Our main objective is to excel in Higher Education helping students to achieve success both academically and professionally.

We are committed to enhancing students’ knowledge, skills and employability by offering fully managed, holistic and supportive education that works for individual learners.

We endeavor to provide an enriching and stimulating learning experience by delivering quality and comprehensive education through effective and bespoke teaching methods.

Based in London, Greenwich, we have developed partnership with international schools and institutions in order provide global experience to our students and clients.


King Stage Learning Centre
Unit 8 Greenwich Quay

09.30 – 17.30 Monday – Friday

Premier Foods 2019-06-03T15:32:19+01:00

Premier Foods is one of Britain’s largest food producers, supplying operators with some of the nation’s best loved brands including, Bisto, McDougalls, Bird’s, Homepride and Angel Delight. Premier Foods’ extensive range of products allows operators to create a whole host of recipes, from delicious roast dinner accompaniments to freshly baked goods; they’re trusted by chefs and caterers across the UK for their high quality and versatility.

Premier Foods supplies to a range of wholesale and foodservice customers, whether you’re a school caterer in search of inspiration to increase meal uptake or a chef in a bustling pub. The company’s dedicated team of chefs and culinary experts understand business needs and the regular challenges that they face. The team at Premier Foods is on hand to offer tailored advice and support with product information, tailored training and development programmes, and recipe ideas to inspire. Recent recipe solution guides launched by Premier Foods to help businesses in all sectors include: Mother’s Day & Easter, Education Solutions, Christmas and International Dysphagia Diet Standards Initiative (IDDSI).

The company continues to work collaboratively with its customers on an ongoing basis to identify areas where it can upskill caterers and meet a need. The latest training programme Premier Foods developed has done just this having trained a number of customers on the new IDDSI which came into effect April 2019, alongside a first to market guide equipping customers with creative and inspirational recipe ideas which follow the new framework. Since Premier Foods’ healthcare programme launched in 2012 it has provided free training to over 1,000 operators and caterers in this area.

With the foodservice market constantly evolving, Premier Foods always stays ahead of the curve, keeping on top of current trends and adapting to them. The eating out market has seen growth for almost a decade, due to factors such as tourism, staycations and demand for more premium offerings, which is a continued opportunity for wholesales, chefs and caterers in the hospitality industry to take advantage of. Premier Foods continues to utilise data and insights to help predict micro and macro trends that will have an impact on the hospitality industry and the products and dishes that they are offering.

Hope and Glory 2019-06-18T09:48:38+01:00

Hope & Glory® is an independent, privately-owned ethical tea company devoted to transforming the experience of tea. Based in Hertfordshire, we dedicate all our energies to restoring the GLORY days of tea and tea drinking in Britain. To us, a seriously good (healthy and delicious) cup of tea stands for everything that was great, is great and can be great about life and living in Britain. Thus, we produce only premium, organic, hand-picked, whole-leaf teas, tisanes and tea-related ware – supporting all our partners to create the very best tea experiences for their guests and clients and discerning food lovers.

Our founders Nina and Bharat Chudasama launched Hope & Glory® teas in 2016. The collections are 100% sustainable, and personally selected from hand-picked tea gardens using traditional / orthodox methods to cultivate and process their teas. Nina and Bharat will only work with gardens that are ethical, and that can demonstrate their respect for the land and people. We wish to work with partners who want to grow their business through tea and, like us, educate customers on what great tea is about.

Hope & Glory® teas and tea blends come in four unique collections: robust and strong Classic (English Breakfast, Assam); smooth and caffeine-free Nurturing (Peppermint, Chamomile, Rooibos); fragrant and light Delicate (Darjeeling, Chaqouing Green, Jasmine Pearls); and Signature blends Masala Chai and Red Velvet. The teas themselves are available in two formats: loose leaf and pyramid tea bags. Between them Hope & Glory® teas have been awarded no less than 8 Great Taste stars from the Guild of Fine Food in just 2 years.

In 2019, we launched our industry-leading new range of elegant, 100% recyclable packaging, in colours that reflect our different collections while delivering our continued commitment to the world we live in.

At Hope & Glory® we truly believe that where there is tea, there is hope!

Twitter – @thehopeandglory
Insta – @hopeandglorytea
Facebook – @thehopeandglory

Global Secure Accreditation 2019-05-20T11:14:57+01:00

Hotels have inherent vulnerabilities to being targeted by criminals and cyber criminals, as they see hotels as largely ‘soft’ targets and data rich playgrounds.  Terrorists have similarly seen hotels as high-value targets, directing attacks at westerners, western interests (Sri Lanka) or international groupings (Sousse, Tunisia) of innocent people to gain maximum political impact for their cause.

It would appear that travellers in all sectors are increasingly looking to the hospitality industry to provide relevant information on security protocols to allow them to make informed decisions prior to booking.  A recent Travelzoo Survey in the six biggest traveller countries saw 89% of guests ranking security as their first concern.  This is highly relevant to the business community, with greater assurances on security being sought by the business traveller, international guests, corporate booking officials, and travel management companies.

Global Secure Accreditation is the world’s first truly independent system of hotel security accreditation, established and operated by highly experienced security experts and created in partnership with SFJ Awards (SFJ) a UK Government (Ofqual) approved standards awarding organisation.

Benefits to a Hotel include:

•     Assuring guests & staff that your hotels have undertaken due diligence in security protocols such as fire certificate, H&S compliance, etc.
•     A great marketing tool for your DOSM to promote your hotel, creating a differentiator and increased ADR.
•     Potential reductions on insurance premiums.