Attracting the best hospitality talent to your business

>>Attracting the best hospitality talent to your business

Salvatore Fernandez FIH of Antal Hospitality is pleased to be helping the hotel industry get back on its feet with some advice to help ensure you get the very best talent.

Salvatore Fernandez FIH

And as such would like to offer Members of the Institute of Hospitality a complimentary half hour call to provide a sounding board and advice in the area of recruitment.

It is very easy to attract applicants right now Salvatore tells us, as there is a glut of candidates due to the crisis all over the world; one of the hardest hit industries as we all know is hospitality. With rising unemployment globally, ONS reported recently that 1.7 million people were out of work in the UK alone giving rise to the number of people applying for work.

If your business gets lots of applicants, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting the right applicants you need. Businesses are now having to spend increased time and resources to review, process and reply to applicants. In order for this process to be more efficient it’s better to attract the right candidates.

Top tips from Antal:

Move Faster

Candidates are eager to secure a new opportunity. If the hiring process drags on longer than necessary, it’s it will likely cause you to lose top talent. The best candidates are often snapped up quickly, so it important to remove roadblocks that hold your hiring process up.

Job Descriptions

It is important to keep job descriptions up to date, as you are likely to miss out on attracting the ideal candidate if your current job description doesn’t reflect the role today… jobs evolve and change and this is definitely the case today. Think new owners’ expectations, covid19, green initiatives, technology etc. Nobody likes writing them, but a good job description will ensure you attract the right talent for your business.

Focus on Passive Talent

Sometimes your next great hire isn’t actually looking for a job. Passive talent is currently employed, but willing to change jobs if the right opportunity comes along.

Hire for Cultural Fit

Often a key part is overlooked, once a candidate is identified that ticks all the boxes it’s very important that you and they have the right fit for your organizations culture, otherwise this can become an issue down the road.

Decline Quickly

This year when recruiting for roles, you will likely get 100’s of applications. Nobody likes to have false hope, so it’s important to decline applicants as quickly as possible. Remember many candidates can also be your customers so protecting your image is important. Applicant Tracking Software can assist but you may miss out on a great candidate just because they don’t have all the key words on their CV.

Antal Hospitality recruit senior level positions for 4- and 5-Star Luxury Hotels and Hospitality Operations Heads of State, Royalty and High Profile Clients globally.

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