Accredited programmes

A full list of accredited programmes can be found in the Accreditation Register.

Providers of accredited programmes are entiltles to display the Institute's accreditation logo on their certificates, website and on all relevant promotional materials.

Accreditation reports are exclusively available to Institute of Hospitality members by logging in to the members-only area and selecting the report required, as listed below.

Non-members wishing to view reports can join online or contact the membership team for further details.

We are delighted to feature the institutions that have achieved accreditation for their nominated programmes.

Provider Country Logo Report Renewal due
Antalya Academy of Tourism Turkey antalya_logo Oct 2016 Oct 2020
Bath Spa University UK Dec 2016 Dec 2021
Berjaya University College of Hospitality Malaysia June 2017 June 2022
Blue Mountains International
Hotel Management School


BMIHMS_logo Jan 2015 Jan 2020
Budapest Business School -
University of Applied Science

March 2017 Dec 2021
Cardiff Metropolitan University UK Jan 2016 Jan 2020

City University of Hong Kong, SCOPE 
with Edinburgh Napier University

Hong Kong

Oct 2015 Oct 2019

Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Savignac

France July 2015 July 2019

Edge Hotel School

UK June 2015 Jan 2020

Edinburgh Napier University

UK Oct 2014 Oct 2019

The Emirates Academy
of Hospitality Management

UAE March 2016 Nov 2020

George Brown College

Canada Oct 2014 Oct 2019

Glasgow Caledonian University

UK Aug 2016 Aug 2021

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Hong Kong Feb 2013 Feb 2018

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

Hong Kong Jan 2016 May 2018

Hotel and Tourism Institute (HTI)

Hong Kong Sept 2016 Sept 2021

Hotel and Tourism Management Institute (HTMi)
HTMi with Edinburgh Napier University
HTMi with Ulster University


Aug 2016
Nov 2015
Aug 2016
Aug 2021
Oct 2017
Aug 2021

International Culinary Institute (ICI)

Hong Kong Sept 2016 Sept 2021

Kasem Bundit University 
with Edinburgh Napier University

Thailand Dec 2016 July 2017

Leeds Beckett University

UK Sept 2013 Sept 2018

London School of Business and Finance

Singapore Dec 2017 Dec 2022

New Zealand Management Academies

New Zealand June 2017 Feb 2020

Plymouth University

UK Aug 2014 Aug 2019

PSB Academy
PSB Academy with Edinburgh Napier University


Aug 2017
Oct 2015
Oct 2019
Oct 2019

Robert Gordon University

UK Dec 2012 Dec 2017

SDH Institute

Singapore March 2017 May 2018

Sheffield Hallam University

UK June 2016 May 2021

Stenden University of Applied Sciences

The Netherlands March 2014 March 2019

Technological and Higher Education Institute (THEi)

Hong Kong Dec 2014 May 2019

Ulster University

UK Oct 2015 May 2019

University College Birmingham

UK June 2017 Dec 2021

University of Derby

UK Sept 2017 Nov 2019

University of East London

UK Jan 2017 Jan 2022

University of Gloucestershire

UK Nov 2016 Dec 2020

Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

Malaysia Aug 2014 Aug 2019