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Welcome to the Cymru Branch

Change, we are often told, is the only constant. Every new idea or institution runs its course and every successful product outlives its form. None can deny the fact that “the old order changeth yielding place to new”. Even good customs and concepts undergo a slow but steady process of metamorphosis, this is more so during the pandemic and its aftermath. As an educational charity, the Institute is involved in the promotion of hospitality as a career and raising the profile of the hospitality industry by supporting Wales as a country of choice for employment and business and as a destination for leisure, tourism and entertainment.

We support all hospitality professionals in their career development from hospitality students, graduates and junior managers just embarking on their career, through all management tiers to general management and directorships. We aim to organise events and activities for networking, professional development, awards and business seminars. We believe that our new profile will help us contribute to meeting the challenges facing the hospitality and tourism industry in collaboration with other organisations in Wales. The new arrangements will provide an opportunity for greater networking and communication for Institute members and guests in the Principality, and the new Committee will look forward to working with members to arrange regional events to encourage this.

We seek to be inclusive in ensuring that all sectors of the industry throughout Wales benefit from our support and their participation. This includes suppliers, recruitment and HR organisations, charities and most importantly, support from training organisations, (public and private) for the continuous professional development of our members.

Our purpose is to promote professionalism through lifelong learning. To inspire hospitality professionals to perform at their very best and earn the recognition they deserve.

Creating a student IOH Cymru committee, to nurture, encourage and support the new generation coming into hospitality industry. Under the chairmanship of Ifty Hassan MIH we will increase our profile both now and in the future. Most of all, however, we rely on the participation of our Institute members within Wales, which can be done by joining the Wales Branch in the upcoming events and activities we provide. We always welcome industry sponsors. You can showcase your company by sponsoring our events, please contact us directly to find out more about the fantastic opportunities we have for you.

Christopher J Hartley FIH
Honorary President Cymru Branch

Branch Committee Contacts

Contact Position Email Address
Ifty Hassan MIH Chair
Christopher Hartley FIH Honorary President
Andrea Murdock MIH Branch Vice Chair
James Hayward MIH Branch Secretary
Jacqui Jones Branch Membership Officer
Vacant Treasurer