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>About the Janus Foundation
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The Janus Foundation was established in 2013 to mark the special milestone of the Institute’s 75th anniversary. The principal objective of the Foundation is to provide practical support to young people as they embark upon their careers in the hospitality industry.

With much evidence to suggest that a considerable number of young people continue to leave the industry within their early years, it is clear that much more support is required if we are to help stem this ‘brain drain’. The aims of the Janus Foundation are to:

  • Create an active community of junior managers within the hospitality industry using social media channels.
  • Provide careers advice and mentoring support to these junior managers.
  • Provide essential and specific ‘self-help’ tools to assist junior managers as they embark upon their careers within the industry.
  • Provide cost-effective solutions to encourage and enable junior managers to access continuing professional development opportunities.

Why the ‘Janus Foundation’? Janus is the Roman god of gates and doors, of beginnings and endings. Most importantly, he stands atop the Institute’s crest emphasising his other role of offering welcome and hospitality. He has also come to symbolise the beginnings of important events in a young person’s life. So, for all these reasons, it is highly appropriate that his name should be associated with this initiative from the Institute.

To continue the Foundation, we need your help and generosity. A £10 charitable donation to the Institute of Hospitality’s Janus Foundation has been added to membership renewal notices this year. This is optional and if you do not wish to donate the £10, please untick the box when paying online, let us know when calling to pay, or advise us if you pay by direct debit and don’t wish this additional £10 to be taken from your account. Letters relating to membership renewals and this donation have been sent to all members at the end of November.

These donations will be treated separately from membership subscriptions. Please do support this worthwhile initiative which will not only benefit thousands of individuals entering our industry, but will also ensure its continued growth and success.

If you have any queries or would like to make a further donation, please contact us.