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The Institute produces management guides on topics of relevance to hospitality professionals, academics and students. Guide contributors are industry experts and key points are summarised for easy application in hospitality workplaces. Each guide includes a 'Further Resources' section listing additional sources of quality information.

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NEW Management Standards  2017
Search, Book, Stay: Embracing Technology at Every Stage of the Traveller's Online Journey 2017
Crisis Planning: Communications, Management and Response 2017
Get Ready for the General Data Protection Regulations 2017
Making Drinking Water Part of Your CSR Policy 2014
Addressing Food Waste: Case Studies for the Hospitality Industry 2013
Reducing Food Waste in Hospitality 2012
Cooking with Gas: Ensuring Safety in Hospitality Businesses 2012
Catering for Gluten-free Diets 2012
Combatting Human Trafficking: Spotting Signals and Raising Barriers 2016
Flood Checklist for Hospitality Managers 2015
Tackling the Hidden Hazard in Commercial Kitchens 2014
Event Organisers Toolkit 2013
Business Continuity Planning in Hospitality 2012
Managing Legionnaires' Disease 2012
Key Hospitality Ratios 2016
Forecasting, Pricing and Revenue Decisions for Hospitality 2016
Wage Increases: Preparing your Hospitality Business 2016
A Guide to Career and Job-seeking Resources 2015
Does Your Website Meet New Mobile Standards? 2015
Zero Hours Contracts: Making them Work 2015
Employing Ex-offenders: Making the Right Choice (free download)
A Guide to Your Obligations Under the Equality Act 2010 2015
Profits, Parity and the OFT: Recent Changes in Revenue Management 2014
Hotel Marketing in the Digital Age 2014
TUPE 2014: How Recent Changes May Affect Your Hospitality Business 2014
Remarketing Advertising: Catching the Ones that Got Away 2014
Attracting and Retaining Staff: Pay Benchmarking for Competitive Advantage 2013
Great Expectations: Successful Work Experiences in Hospitality 2013
Winning Staff: How to Develop a Robust Reward Strategy 2013
PESTLE for Hospitality Businesses 2012