Know-how: The Institute of Hospitality's CPD Newsletter

The Institute's continuing professional development (CPD) e-newsletter, Know-how, features bite-sized articles highlighting the latest news on free and low-cost learning resources for hospitality, leisure and tourism professionals and students. The materials featured can supplement career development, further and higher education and even on-the-job training. Know-how articles make it easy to locate and select relevant industry CPD opportunities.

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Issue Forty-one: March / April 2014 View Issue

Issue Forty: January / February 2014 View Issue


Issue Thirty-nine: November / December 2013 View Issue

Issue Thirty-eight: September / October 2013 View Issue

Issue Thirty-seven: July / August 2013 View Issue

Issue Thirty-six: May / June 2013 View Issue

Issue Thirty-five: March / April 2013 View Issue

Issue Thirty-four: January / February 2013 View Issue


Issue Thirty-three: November / December 2012 View Issue

Issue Thirty-two: September / October 2012 View Issue

Issue Thirty-one: July / August 2012 View Issue

Issue Thirty: May / June 2012 View Issue

Issue Twenty-nine: March / April 2012 View Issue

Issue Twenty-eight: January / February 2012 View Issue


Issue Twenty-seven: November / December 2011 View Issue

Issue Twenty-six: September / October 2011 View Issue

Issue Twenty-five: July / August 2011 View Issue

Issue Twenty-four: May/ June 2011 View Issue

Issue Twenty-three: March / April 2011 View Issue

Issue Twenty-two: January / February 2011 View Issue


Issue Twenty-one: November / December 2010 View Issue

Issue Twenty: September / October 2010 View Issue

Issue Nineteen: July / August 2010 View Issue

Issue Eighteen: May / June 2010 View Issue

Issue Seventeen: March/April 2010 View Issue

Issue Sixteen: January / February 2010 View Issue


Issue Fifteen: November / December 2009 View Issue

Issue Fourteen: September / October 2009 View Issue

Issue Thirteen: July / August 2009 View Issue

Issue Twelve: May / June 2009 Download Issue

Issue Eleven: March / April 2009 Download Issue

Issue Ten: January / February 2009 Download Issue


Issue Nine: November / December 2008 Download Issue

Issue Eight: September / October 2008 Download Issue

Issue Seven: July / August 2008 Download Issue

Issue Six: May / June 2008 Download Issue

Archived copies of the CPD Newsletter are available in the Online Catalogue. Search for "CPD Newsletter".