Issue Forty-four: Table of Contents

  1. Mentoring Matters
  2. The Art of Persuasion
  3. New Management Guide: 'Profits, Parity and the OFT: Recent Changes in Revenue Management'             
  4. Feel the Love: P4H 2015 is Coming to London
  5. NEW Food Information Regulation due in December 2014                                             

Sept / Oct 2014

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Autumn signals the addition of new Education Membership Scheme (EMS) students to the Institute of Hospitality ‘family’, but they’re not the only ones undertaking learning.

In this edition of Know-how, we explain our new Pilot Mentoring Programme for all member levels, provide further information about the impending Food Information Regulation (FIR) and invite participants to our big P4H 2015 event.

Hotel rate parity is a hot topic and the experts at Avvio tell UK hoteliers how to improve profits in a changing RM landscape in our new guide.

From October, Know-how’s learning and training news will be incorporated into the Institute’s monthly e-newsletter, Insight. You'll get the same great CPD content, but on a monthly basis. Many thanks for your readership over the years.

1.  Mentoring Matters CheckMark-Orange-JPEGsm.JPG

The Institute is offering members in two Branches the opportunity to participate in an exciting new Pilot Mentoring Programme (PMP). The PMP aims to facilitate management development and leadership learning between the industry's experienced Members (MIH) and Fellows (FIH) and up-and-coming hospitality managers.

The programme is a blend of one-to-one mentoring accompanied by bite-sized monthly learning. Each monthly meeting will incorporate coverage of a topical hospitality management or career issue ranging from leadership to international experience. All accompanying learning materials - such are ejournal articles and podcasts - are easily accessible, allowing new and seasoned managers to make the most of their participationn in this rewarding learning and development experience.

The PMP is being trialled with the members of the London and Yorkshire Branches and will operate for a six month period starting in October 2014.

If you are a hospitality manager with MIH or FIH status and would like to give something back to the industry, register your interest today by clicking the Register link below. Potential mentees are eligible to participate if they are an Associate (AIH) of the Institute and in the early stages of a hospitality management career. Don't have AIH status? Simply register your interest below by clicking 'Register'.

To register your interest in the Pilot Mentoring Programme click: REGISTER

2.  The Art of Persuasion CheckMark-Orange-JPEGsm.JPG

It’s hard to imagine a hospitality job that doesn’t include some aspect of communication and in particular persuasion. Selling ideas, products or services may not come naturally to everyone but – with the right guidance - they are skills that can be learned.

One of the best communication titles we’ve come across is published by the Harvard Business Review. HBR's 10 Must Reads on Communication contains ten essential articles on the topic of communicating, including the art of persuasion. Each chapter is an article written by a global expert who’s conducted in-depth research before sharing their insights. Some examples of chapters include:

•    The Necessary Art of Persuasion
•    How to Pitch a Brilliant Idea
•    Change the Way You Persuade
•    The Power of Talk: Who Gets Heard and Why
•    Harnessing the Science of Persuasion
•    The Five Messages Leaders Must Manage

Find this title, along with many other quality ebooks, digital audiobooks and ejournals in the eResources Collection, under ‘Info Services’ on the Institute’s home page, where Institute members can read titles online and print chapters (within copyright allowances) or email key pages to take away and read offline.

3. NEW Management Guide: 'Profits, Parity and the OFT: Recent Changes in Revenue Management' CheckMark-Orange-JPEGsm.JPG

Around the globe, the revenue management landscape is changing as the competition for guests – and profits - increases between hoteliers and online travel agents (OTAs).

In January 2014, after a two year investigation, the UK’s Office of Fair Trading (OFT) offered a ruling on competition that allows OTAs and hoteliers to offer greater discounts. The OFT then closed up shop and was replaced by the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA).

So what does this mean for hoteliers? Revenue management experts Avvio explain what’s happened since January 2014, how the ruling is being interpreted by the industry and what the future may hold for hoteliers looking to improve their profits.

Members can download their FREE guide under ‘Publications’ on the Institute’s home page at: Management Guides. Non-members should contact to purchase a copy or become a member of the Institute at: Membership.

4. Feel the Love: P4H 2015 is Coming to London CheckMark-Orange-JPEGsm.JPG

Calling all students, tutors, academics and businesses! It’s time to prepare for participation in the annual Passion 4 Hospitality (aka P4H) event, a fun-filled day that promotes university and college students’ hospitality talents. Activities include the big ‘Team Debating Contest’ where student teams go head-to-head on a topical industry issue. Only one team wins…and it could be yours!

Is virtual your thing? Take a stab at beating industry operations professionals using hotel technology in the uber-cool ‘Hospitality Ops Battle’.

Finally, you won’t have to compete for the attention of industry experts if you attend our hugely popular ‘Speed Dating’.

P4H is a great way to take that first step from academia into the professional world, and it’s a lot of fun meeting your peers during a jam-packed day. Make sure your tutor, programme or department head is aware of the day. Participants come from as far away as the Netherlands (The Hotelschool the Hague were 2012 P4H deserving winners).

Register your interest by contacting Sarah de Bouter:

Then, on the day, put on your best business outfit and head to P4H. Don’t forget to bring a CV (hard copy or PDF) or business cards just in case you meet the employer of your dreams.

5. NEW Food Information Regulation due in December 2014 CheckMark-Orange-JPEGsm.JPG

Is your hospitality business ready for the forthcoming new Food Information Regulation (UK)? Here are some materials from respected resources that can help hospitality businesses undertake preparations for the new regulation. Don’t wait until 13 December 2014; prepare now for compliance and avoid problems during the Christmas rush!

Our business partner, Pitmans LLP, has produced an excellent article that provides a clear explanation of the FIR and its impact on hospitality businesses. The full text can be found HERE.

Try the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) Guidance with regard to FIR at:
•    SME Allergen Guidance
•    Loose Foods
•    Providing allergen information for non pre-packed foods

In addition, the Institute has published articles in Hospitality magazine on the topic: one is forthcoming in the autumn issue of Hospitality and a previous article from the spring 2014, Issue 33, of Hospitality magazine, which is also attached. Locate the PDF of the articles in the Online Catalogue by searching ‘FIR’.

Or locate presentations from the Institute’s recent Sussex Branch evening event hosted by Peter Roberts FIH, of Peter R Consulting, by clicking HERE

Finally, make sure you attend the Institute’s forthcoming #IoHWebinar on the ‘FIR and Digital Signage’, which is scheduled for 30 September. You can sign up for the webinar on our home page HERE.