Issue 17, March / April 2010


Issue Seventeen: Table of Contents

1.    Institute Qualifications and the New QCF
Web 2.0: Making the Most of IT
Anaerobic Digestion: A Recycling Guide for Foodservices
14-19 Diploma: Tutor Resources for Industry Knowledge
Resources to Help You Hire
Using ‘My CPD’ 
Open Learning and Free Courses 

March / April 2010

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The Mar/Apr Issue of Know-how will put a spring in your step! Education is at the forefront with the new Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) now open for business. Some fresh ideas are offered about how to use social media – everybody’s doing it – for marketing your business, networking and job search. As always, look for the orange check mark next to CPD-qualifying articles (both formal and informal) and use the CPD tool, ‘My CPD,’ to document and track CPD activities in your Member Benefits page on the Institute’s website.

1.  Institute Qualifications and the New QCF  CheckMark-Orange-JPEGsm.JPG

qcf1.gifThe new Qualifications & Credit Framework (QCF) is the UK government’s initiative to gather differing learning qualifications and place them into an easy to understand framework. The QCF will allow learners, educators and employers to gain credit for all units of learning and to contrast and compare various qualifications by using credit values to determine the level of the course.

The new QCF promises learners greater ‘flexibility, freedom and choice’ and employers will appreciate the potential for employee skills evaluation. The Institute will migrate all of its Management Qualifications to the QCF by August 2010. To see an animated presentation on the benefits of the QCF to learners and employers visit QCDA website.

For information on the Institute of Hospitality Management Qualifications, please contact Maria Lockwood on: +44 (0)208 661 4908 or visit our website for Qualifications

2.  Social Media: Making the Most of IT  

Are you ready to make the most of the popular social media technologies to promote your business for the upcoming summer holidays? Maybe you have been ‘tweeting’ on Twitter, sharing information on Facebook or perhaps linking to colleagues on LinkedIn? Or – better still – have you been meeting your peers in the virtual space of the Institute’s own professional site, ‘The Community’, which is similar to LinkedIn but exclusive to Institute members? If so, you can use these media to boost both your business and your career.

The following are good examples of what hospitality, leisure and tourism businesses and professionals can do with social media:

CheckMark-Orange-JPEGsm.JPGJust in case you are feeling a little trepidation about using these new technologies and would like some instruction, the Institute suggests trying some of our newly added ebooks on social media and marketing. The following ebook titles clarify how these technologies can benefit the business and make you more comfortable with new technologies.

  • How to Do Everything With Your Web 2.0 Blog. (2008) Stauffer, Todd. McGraw-Hill
  • I'm on LinkedIn, Now What? A Guide to Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn. (2008). Alba, Jason. Happy About.
  • Reshaping Your Business With Web 2.0: Using the New CollaborativeTechnologies to Lead Business Transformation. (2009). Casarez, Vince. McGraw-Hill Professional.
  • Social Media Marketing: an Hour a Day. (2008). Evans, Dave. John Wiley & Sons.
  • Tactical Transparency: How Leaders Can Leverage Social Media to Maximize Value and Build Their Brand. (2009) Holtz, Shel.; Havens, John C. John Wiley & Sons.
  • The Leader's Communication Toolkit: How to Select the Right Communication Method in an Electronic World. (2004). Stewart-Gross, Becky. HRD Press
  • Tourism Management Dynamics : Trends, Management, and Tools. 2006 Buhalis, Dimitrios.; Costa, Carlos. Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann.

3.   Anaerobic Digestion: A Recycling Guide for Foodservices CheckMark-Orange-JPEGsm.JPG   

Recycling and the efficient use of valuable resources is on everyones’ lips these days. The Institute itself encourages members to take measures to help save the environment whilst benefitting their businesses through reduced costs. For example, our homepage offers free resources and guidance at the Business Climate, Recycling and Carbon Footprint pages located under ‘Information Services’.

In addition, the Institute and Cawleys, a UK specialist in recycling and waste management, have joined together to create and distribute a free guide, which explains an important process in the industry’s efforts to reduce food waste and carbon emissions called anaerobic digestion (AD). AD uses food waste – even cooked meat and fish – and is a carbon neutral process. Both the Institute and Cawleys want to increase awareness of the AD process, therefore the guide is free to both members and non-members of the Institute. It is located on Cawleys’ website as well as the Publications page of the Institute’s website at:

Cawleys is also offering a copy of a report entitled ‘Eco-eating: consumer attitudes to commercial food waste’, which shows the attitude of consumers to food waste and the hospitality industry. This will be of particular interest to businesses providing a foodservice. To obtain a free copy of the report, visit Cawleys’ website.

To obtain the Institute guide ‘Anaerobic Digestion (AD) for Hospitality Sector Food Waste,’ click on Management Guides.

4. 14-19 Diploma: Tutor Resources for Industry Knowledge CheckMark-Orange-JPEGsm.JPG

If you are new to the subject area of hospitality, leisure and tourism – commonly called ‘HLT’, then you may be feeling overwhelmed. The Institute can get you ‘up to speed’ on the subject matter, particularly if you will be teaching a Further Education course.

We hold an extensive collection of hospitality and business resources, the majority of which are available electronically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The resources range from the very best HLT ebook titles to peer-reviewed, industry and news electronic journals. The Institute also publishes its own quarterly journal and a number of electronic newsletters to support you in staying current on industry events and issues.

In addition, if you are wondering where to locate the best resources on a specific hospitality subject, the Institute’s Enquiry Service is staffed by qualified librarians who can suggest resources from a variety of locations to inform and educate you about the industry. The Enquiry Service is an exclusive benefit for members and can save you time and effort.

The Institute has a long history of supporting trainers, educators and academics, so why not join us and share in our resources? Contact the Membership Department on: +44 (0)20 8661 4949 or email:

5. Resources to Help You HireCheckMark-Orange-JPEGsm.JPG

As the economy picks up, Institute members may find themselves in the enviable position of adding employees once again. Before any hiring begins, consider using the Institute’s resources first. The Institute provides free access to human resources (HR) materials to ensure the hiring process goes smoothly and is legally compliant. Try the following:

  • First stop for any human resources matter should be the BusinessHR website. BusinessHR is an exclusive member benefit and supplies about 70 free customisable letters, documents and even contracts – yes, employment contracts! BusinessHR documents allow you to tailor the document to the individual, for example there are templates for inviting someone to an interview, making a job offer or rejecting an applicant. Locate BusinessHR on the Institute homepage under ‘Information Services’.
  • The Institute’s Online Catalogue holds a number of current, quality ebook titles on Hospitality-specific Human Resources.

Other sources of quality information:

If you need help with hiring, visit the Institute’s website for access to BusinessHR. It is the first step to saving time and money in the hiring, supervision and management of staff. Click here to access BusinessHR.

6. How Events Support Continuing Professional Development (CPD)CheckMark-Orange-JPEGsm.JPG

Hotelympia is a big event for hospitality industry professionals and students and attracts, on average, an amazing 40,000 visitors! Many Institute members head to London’s ExCel to attend or participate in the biennial exhibition and, if you are one of those members, you will want to document your informal and formal learning activities in the ‘My CPD’ tool located in the Member Benefits. 

‘My CPD’ can help you track your CPD and, when it comes time for a job appraisal, you will have a handy list outlining the various activities in which you have participated. If you are conducting a job search or seeking a promotion, the tool can provide the answer to interview questions such as: ‘How do you stay current on hospitality industry issues?’

Typical CPD-type activities at events like Hotelympia include:

  • Attending the Sustainability Hospitality Conference
  • Providing or attending a Salon Culinaire demonstration
  • Networking with peers
  • Participating in a panel discussion
  • Presenting a seminar or talk

Give ‘My CPD’ a try and, if you have any questions, contact the Institute at:

7. Open Learning and FREE Courses CheckMark-Orange-JPEGsm.JPG

If you are a regular reader of Know-how, you will be aware of the special fee arrangements the Institute has with the Open University (OU) for reduced price online CPD courses, which can be found on OU website.

However, there are many who might find course fees – even discounted fees - hard to come by in the present economy. If so, the OU has a solution. It offers some fantastic free courses on a variety of different subject areas and from introductory to advanced levels of learning. The subject areas range from technology to business management to study skills.

Some examples of the free online courses, which take about 4 or more hours to complete, include:

  • Completing the project (B713_5)
  • Marketing communications as a strategic function (B825_1)
  • Understanding operations management (B700_2)
  • Living with the internet: keeping it safe (T180_8)
  • Essay and report writing skills (LDT_5)
  • Am I ready to study in English? (EAL_1)

To access the courses, register and login for free at the OU’s Open Learning site. Remember, after you have completed any educational courses, add the course to your Institute ‘My CPD’ tool, available in the Institute Member Benefits section at ‘My CPD'.

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