FRIMA’s latest VarioCooking Center

13 June 2017page

Frima’s latest VarioCooking Center, the 112L, is a two-pan unit, each with a capacity of 25 litres.

Previous Frima two-pan units have had 14 litre pans and the new model was developed in direct response to customer demand.

The 112L is a counter top model that can easily be installed on the work bench, on a stand or elsewhere.

The VarioCooking Center 112L is truly multifunctional: it can replace griddles, kettles, bratt pans, large pots and fryers and can be used to fry, deep fry, boil and confit.

The 112L’s two pans offer maximum flexibility. The 50 litre capacity provides sufficient frying surface and boiling capacity even at peak times.

The height of the pan base is ergonomically designed to make it easy for chefs to work with, which is an important benefit compared to tilting pans or other multifunctional appliances.

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