Institute partners with Upskill People

28 March 2017page

The Institute of Hospitality has a new partnership with online training experts Upskill People to deliver an e-learning platform designed exclusively for hospitality professionals.

Pete Fullard, managing director, Upskill People, said: "This is an exciting meeting of minds which brings together the industry's professional body with its reputation, accreditation service and 79-year history and the market-leaders in hospitality e-learning, with their proven, simple platform and library of over 100 courses".

Linking Institute of Hospitality materials with Upskill People's easy to use, fully responsive and accessible learning platform, the partnership will deliver a wide range of e-courses. From managing people, sales and service skills through to understanding gin, all content will be targeted specifically for hospitality professionals.

Peter Ducker FIH, chief executive of the Institute of Hospitality, said: “Sharing a commitment to promoting the highest standards, what’s exciting about this partnership is that we each bring a unique set of skills to the table, resulting in new and innovative outcomes that will ultimately benefit our members.”

Fullard added; “This is a partnership that creates something special for its members – a ground-breaking blend of experience and expertise, that’s all about looking forward to the future of the hospitality industry.

“Together we will deliver the kind of courses that make a real difference, whatever your business is trying to achieve. A partnership in learning that’s measurable, effective, changes behaviour, and gives a proven return on your investment.”

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