Coming Soon: New Management Standards

31 August 2016avril_owton

The Institute's new Management Standards provide a much-needed professional development resource that sets out a concise and bang up-to-date career check-list for all those pursuing a hospitality management career.

"At the start of your career, you can use our new Management Standards to see the key areas you should master to be able to do your job well," say the authorsRuth Asker-Browne and Phil Raynsford. "You can then use them to investigate other areas of the business, identify opportunities to build new skills and knowledge, helping you to improve further in your job or start planning for a promotion or career move." 

The Management Standards continue to be relevant throughout one's career: "If you have already mastered your job, you can use the new Standards to explore other areas of the hospitality sector, allowing you to develop your personal skills so that you can plan for another promotion or prepare to start your own business or consultancy."

In addition, the Institute's new Management Standards can be used by:

  • Careers advisors to understand the wealth of opportunities and range of occupations within hospitality

  • Employers to identify the roles and responsibilities required in their business

  • HR professionals in their recruitment, training, retention, progression and capacity building for their workforces

  • Managers and leaders to determine their continuing professional development

  • Educators to create learning programmes

More than 80 individuals from across the industry took part in the consultation to create our new Management Standards.

Avril Owton MBE FIH, proprietor, The Cloud Hotel, was one of them (pictured). She says: "'The Institute's new Management Standards are essential guidelines for colleges, universities, managers and employers to use to ensure that their students and employees know how essential it is to provide excellence in every area of hospitality and tourism, enabling a company to grow and become more competitive in what is a growing market. They should be promoted and marketed relentlessly to ensure they are used to enable businesses to become successful."

Other participants in the consultation talk about our new Management Standards.

Hilary Cooke FIH, director, Merlin Consultancy
"The Institute's new Management Standards reflect the technical skills and knowledge required and pay more attention to the soft skills that are increasingly important in a business that will thrive on the quality of relationships it can sustain, as well as the products it produces and serves."

Monica Or FIH, founder, Star Quality Hospitality  
"The industry is far reaching and these Standards are a good source of guidance for those wanting to know more about what is involved, through to the more experienced professional who is looking to widen their knowledge and skills."

Stephen Kyjak-Lane FIH MI, director, Summit Recruitment
"The Institute's new Management Standards are a check-list for hospitality employers to assist them in their continuous professional development (CPD). The Standards assist all employers large or small in ensuring managers of all disciplines are aware of the ever-changing needs of the industry. The standards could be used as a check-list for evidencing CPD to obtain further qualification through points accumulation as well as, crucially, to focus all grades of management on the need to stay constantly aware of new legislation that affects our industry."