Extending Working Lives (EWL)

The Institute encourages age diverse hospitality workplaces through its Extending Working Lives (EWL) campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the benefits of employing all ages. In an industry where 48% of the workforce is currently under 29 - but almost a third of employees will be over the age of 50 by 2020 - employers need to recognise the many benefits of diverse employment and adapt their hiring practices.

The Institute offers industry managers a free report, The Case for Recruiting and Retaining Older Workers: A Business Imperative for the Hospitality Sector, created with Capita Consulting and the Department for Work and Pensions. Obtain a copy by contacting: library@instituteofhospitality.org.

In addition to the report, click to download the following free PDF factsheets on EWL topics:

  1. Age: What You Need to Know
  2. Recruiting Older Workers
  3. Training Older Worker
  4. Performance Management
  5. Managing Without the Default Retirement Age (DRA)

For a free article explaining the benefits of employing all ages in hospitality, download 'Experienced, Fit and Able' which was originally published in the Institute's Hospitality magazine.