About the Janus Foundation

In 2013 the Institute celebrated its 75th anniversary, for it was in May 1938 that one of its founder organisations, the Institutional Management Association, was formed.

To mark this special milestone, the Institute established the Janus Foundation, the principal objective of which is to provide practical professional development support to junior managers in the hospitality industry.

With much evidence to suggest that a considerable number of young people continue to leave the industry within their early years, it is clear that much more support is required if we are to help stem this ‘brain drain’.

The aims of the Janus Foundation will therefore be to:       

  • Create an active community of junior managers within the hospitality industry using social media channels.
  • Provide essential and specific ‘self-help’ tools to assist junior managers as they progress their careers within the industry.
  • Provide cost-effective solutions to encourage and enable junior managers to access continuing professional development opportunities.


Why the ‘Janus Foundation’? Janus is the Roman god of gates and doors, of beginnings and endings. Most importantly, he stands atop the Institute’s crest emphasising his other role of offering welcome and hospitality. He has also come to symbolise the beginnings of important events in a young person’s life. So, for all these reasons, it is highly appropriate that his name should be associated with this new initiative from the Institute.

To establish the Foundation we need your help, and I am calling upon your generosity to provide the essential ‘kick start’. This leaflet provides the information you require to make a donation to the Foundation. Most importantly, as the Institute is a registered charity, any donations made by a UK taxpayer can also benefit from the Gift Aid Scheme, which increases the value of the contribution by 25%.

Please be aware that these donations will be treated separately from the normal membership subscriptions, and will be managed under a specific account. Please do support this worthwhile initiative which will not only benefit thousands of young men and women entering our industry, but will also ensure its continued growth and success. For more information about the Janus Foundation and our plans.

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