Institute of Hospitality CPD Scheme

What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the term for a framework of learning and development activities, which is seen as contributing to an individuals continued effectiveness as a professional. Another associated term is 'lifelong learning', although CPD has become the most commonly used term. This is because it comprises more than just learning activities, which are largely associated with taking courses and passively receiving information. CPD takes place in a number of contexts and through various activities. It does not simply involve taking a refresher course or two, but taking part in less structured, more job-specific activities such as on-the-job learning or mentoring.

Continuity is very important when it comes to CPD. Learning does not stop with the completion of a formal qualification as it can soon date with the rapid advances and changes in technology and industry we experience now. Hence the need for Continuing Professional Development.

Why should I do CPD?

CPD can enable a professional to:

  • Update knowledge and skills on existing and new areas of practice.
  • Keep professional qualifications up-to-date.
  • Raise individual profile through certification and networking, making yourself more marketable to future employers.
  • Gain recognition for informal CPD that has already been undertaken.
  • Increase competence in a wider context benefiting both personal and professional roles.
  • Demonstrate commitment to the profession and feel empowered.

Practical approaches to CPD

The following examples are some of the practical approaches to CPD that you can consider.

  • Attend training courses, workshops or seminars.
  • Pursue a higher academic qualification and maybe focus on a specialist area such as finance or marketing, or gain a management qualification, e.g. the Institute of Hospitality Diploma in Management.
  • Watch the news for clues about consumer trends or developments in the industry and economy.
  • Read the industry press, trade journals, professional journals, new books or other publications.
  • Attend conferences, speak at conferences or organise them.
  • Be an active member of the Institute of Hospitality and contribute to the work of the Institute by attending branch meetings, writing Management Guides or representing members on committees or working groups.

Institute of Hospitality requirements for CPD

The Institute of Hospitality requires all of its members to engage in CPD activities to ensure that they continue to represent the Institute as competent and knowledgeable professionals in their chosen specialist fields. Members are encouraged to keep a log of their CPD activities using the Extended CV. It is the intention of the Institute that monitoring of CPD activities will take place on a sampling basis and all members are asked to keep appropriate records for this purpose.

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